Swatch Watches

1983 launched their first Swatch watch and since then, the brand has become increasingly popular. Computers and other digital equipment may have been present, but the unique brand of the Swatch watches have created a series of technical and social innovations.
Design philosophy of the components is best described with the word “Simplicity”. Swatch watches proudly unveiled the world’s thinnest wristwatch that contains only fifty-one components unlike ninety or more found in most other subjects. This has been achieved without sacrificing precision and at the same time, increased reliability of the mechanism.

Swatch watches-versatility, sport and design

Many outstanding technical features and progress, science and technology, has been proven by the brand’s role as official timekeeper of several OS and the ski and snowboard World Cup event, an environment where accuracy and reliability are of the utmost importance.
But it is not only the technical aspect as used in Swatch watches that have given the company a market leader position. The design of the Swatch watches is itself revolutionary, where Swatch has put the fun back into the timing. Swatch was among the first brands to offer plastic and fabric tape where you created a larger canvas for the bold, colorful designs that appeal to today’s younger consumers. The diversity of patterns has led to a large number of collectors and production of coveted special editions of contemporary artists.
Swatch watches have also taken steps to make both watches and time itself a social function by inventing clocks that simplifies the process of using the ski lifts for winter sports and create an alternative time systems without time zones or geographic boundaries.
Time system called “beats” were invented in 1998 to facilitate the increasing number of international phone calls and e-mails that had started to push the global trade. We tried to do this by dividing the current 24-hour day in a thousand kinds, each of which lasts 1 minute 26.4 seconds. This means that Internet time is the same all over the world. Swatch has not only created a new way to measure time, but they have also created a new meridian through the Biel in Switzerland.
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