Sweaters in Cardigans and Pullovers

October – the warm blankets, hot chocolate and a warm cozy knitwear. Blouses and shirts give way to sweaters, pullovers, cardigans. About them I will tell more, namely about why familiar to us the word “sweater” in the present day has about ten analogues.
The main difference sweaters from knitwear “brothers” – high collar, tight-fitting neck. Classic sweater worn over the head, has long sleeves and no zippers. It can be either knitted or knitted from wool yarn. Tight elastic bands at the hem, collar and cuffs emphasize the volume of sweaters.
By the way, this style first appeared in the XIX century and has gained popularity among people who want to lose weight. At that time, doctors recommended in sweaters sports, imagine! And even the word sweater comes from the English- sweat, see www.shopareview.com.

Jumper – a thin knitted sweater without collar, with a rounded or V-shaped neckline. It is also worn over the head and has no fasteners. Considered a classic cardigan with round neckline. It is also called crew neck and worn with trousers and jeans. This image corresponds to the casual style. Of the non-standard options I want to note the dress-sweater for women – without a belt extended model-free cut. Length – up to the knees and below. There is also a jumper with asymmetric zip. In such models the clasp is held on the shoulder seam line.
The prototype was the cardigan sportswear, which in the XIX century, the men were engaged in athletics. By the end of the century clothing cardigan performed the role for the rest. At the same time, Coco Chanel introduced a jumper in women’s fashion. She was very fond of wearing a cardigan sweater and skirt.
Sweatshirt – a sports-type sweater free cut. It is made from materials such as fleece (a mixture of synthetic fibers), footer (a mixture of cotton, lycra and polyester), sometimes – Polartec. It is best to retain heat, while contributing to the circulation of air footer. According to one version, his name owes sweatshirt Leo Tolstoy. Yes, it was the one that wrote “War and Peace”. In everyday life, Tolstoy wore long almost to the knee, and girded cummerbund. It is made of plain smooth fabrics and worn untucked. Of course, modern sweatshirts undergone significant changes. In appearance hoodies are divided into two types: pullover and hoodies.
pullover – a knitted sweater with a round neckline, cut free from the cuffs on the sleeves and hem. The name comes from the English- sweat and shirt. Under the collar line to the intersection of two joints form a triangle in the center. In modern models it performs a decorative function, and earlier into the triangle insert special corrugated material. They did this in order to sweat flowing from his neck, absorbed into a triangle and not wet pullover.
Pullover first appeared in the 20s of XX century. Benjamin Russell, a manufacturer of underwear from the United States, has created a comfortable jacket made of cotton cloth for his son-athlete. Initially, they were used for sports, then became part of the university pullover form, but today they are worn in everyday life.
Hoodie – a knitted jacket zippered large pockets and a hood-anorak. The name “hoodie” is derived from the English “hood” – a hood. Unlike conventional hood-anorak has a rack that protects from the wind neck and lower face.
Pullover is one of the varieties of jumpers, its main difference – V-shaped neckline and a narrow silhouette. The name comes from the English pull over- that is, the clothes, which can be removed through the head. The prototype pullover sweaters are Irish and Scottish sailors. Today, wearing a pullover over his naked body, and on top of T-shirts, shirts. Sew them, usually made of soft and thin yarn. The sleeves may be of different lengths.
Cardigan – a knitted sweater with buttons, no collar, with a plunging neckline. Some models have pockets, draping belt. His name was in honor of the Earl Cardigan – mod and dandy. He wore a knitted jacket on a figure, which is not sticking out from under his uniform, and retains heat well. Modern sewing wool cardigans, knitted fabrics, viscose, acrylic and others.
Turtlenecks called slim-fitting sweater with a high collar. It can be knitted or crocheted structure. Divers put it under a suit, hence the name. In our time, a turtleneck worn under jackets, coats, blazers, business suits.