Sweatshirts – More Than the Perfect Compromise

The summer is slowly but surely coming to an end, and autumn is approaching.So it is (unfortunately) time to equip the wardrobe again with a few warmer pieces.And how could you do a stormy autumn day better than in a comfortable sweatshirt?For us, sweatshirts are clearly the perfect transitional piece between the T-shirt season and the winter with the really warm knit sweaters.But what exactly does the sweatshirt actually and why does it have this misleading name?

Perfect for the transitional period

The sweatshirt is the casual version of the sweater, but in many cases much thinner.This is often the case in light cotton fabrics, which almost remind you of summery T-shirt fabrics.Unlike the summer shell, however, it has long sleeves and is knitted with a special lining thread, which ensures that this shell warms.

And why is the sweatshirt now sweatshirt?

Admittedly, the name is misleading.Finally, the English word “sweat” translates to “sweat” – and most probably think of it when thinking of their darling favorite sweatshirt.Previously known as sweatshirts were the sports sweaters, which are part of the jogging suit.Luckily, the comfortable tops have long since grown into everyday clothes that you can wear both in your leisure time as well as in the office – at least as long as there is no need for a suit.

These types of sweatshirts are available

Classic sweatshirts often have a hood and are then referred to as women’s hoodies. In addition to this kind, which is characterized by a high-necked neckline, which passes into a hood, there are further variations of the sweatshirt.The simplest variants are those with a classic round neck or v-neck.In addition, sweatshirts with collar are very popular.Unlike the elegant shirt, the collar is not fixed at the sweatshirt, but loosely loosely.In terms of shape it reminds of a New Kent collar because of its tip, but it is much softer.Most of the sweatshirts, which are fitted with a collar, also have a zipper or a button strip, which gives the wearer a little more freedom – or the possibility of extra warmth.

Covered colors for autumn

The sweatshirt is of course available in all sorts of color variations.Especially in the autumn, however, it is typical that darker colors and earth tones dominate.There is no trace of boredom in spite of the lack of colorful colors: in addition to the chic single-colored models, there are numerous patterns to be admired.Especially popular this fall are stripes.There are times in dainty, sometimes as block in black and white or as colorful Hingucker on simple reason.
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