Swipp Goes after Mobile Payment the Throne

MobilePay can look forward to more resistance in the battle for the Danes’ mobile payments from challenging Swipp.
Right now it is MobilePay, there reigns, when we’re talking about payment with your phone, and Danske Bank’s solution leads the large of number two, which is the solution from a collaboration between 81 banks have teamed up on app Swipp.
The great cooperation on Swipp has got a new front man, and he has big ambitions for the app, which in the long term should be able to replace the dankort.
Martin f. Andersen have joined in a newly created position of Director of the 81 banks and their Swipp-initiative, and he believes that everyone should have access to Swipp like with Danske Bank MobilePay.
Right now there is a limit of 3000 crowns in transactions with Swipp, but it will be raised in the near future, says Martin f. Andersen to our siet, and the restriction on the amounts he believes, is a key point in the battle against MobilePay.
The newly appointed Director has even said that he hopes to be able to pay its next car with a swipp, but there are some prudent bankers who must follow, so development goes quietly, says Martin f. Andersen.
In addition to raising the threshold will Martin f. Andersen also make it easier for the stores to keep track of payments with Swipp, so app will be integrated with their kasseappater.