Syma X5c-Test/Comparison/Evaluation

It Does Not Always Have To Be The King’s Class Among The Quadro Copters: The Syma X5c Costs Only Small Money And Promises High Quality Aerial Photographs. Whether Itis The  Syma X5c  Actually To The Alternative For Dji Phantom And Co.?
Extensive Accessories
The Syma X5C Explorer is designed as an RTF quadrocopter and can be started immediately without any manual work. The complete set contains not only the quadrocopter itself and camera, but also a remote control car, a charging cable for the battery, propeller and replacement propeller (special edition: Bestseller No. 1 on Amazon). Particularly praiseworthy: our test device even contained a two gigabyte microSD memory card as well as a USB card reader, so that photos and videos could be recorded immediately and played on the PC or MAC.
Syma X5C Quadrocopter
2.4 Ghz remote control (without batteries!)
USB Charger
4x propeller
4x replacement propeller
propeller protection
landing gear
3.7 V LiPo battery (500 mAh)
MicroSD memory card (2GB)
USB card reader
operation manual
Flight Time Does Not Fit The Manufacturer’s Information
The manufacturer promises a maximum flight time of 10 to 12 minutes and does not even distinguish between a flight time with camera or without camera. In fact, our Syma X5C was able to float around 10 minutes after its first battery charge via USB cable without activating the photo or video recording in our editorial office. Then, after a full load of 120 minutes, we went outside to test the quadrocopter under adverse conditions. The weather was slightly windy and could hardly bring the Syma X5C out of sync, although we quickly realized that the quadrocopter without camera, landing gear and propeller protection can be controlled much more stable and agile, which of course the aerodynamically better conditions and the Slightly decreased weight.
Technical Specifications Syma X5c
Size: 31 x 31 x 8 cm
Weight: 92 grams
Battery: LiPo battery 500 mAh/3.7 Volt
Transmitter: 4-channel remote control at 2.4 GHz
Other: 6-axis gyrometer, 4x coreless motors
Flight time: 10 to 12 minutes (manufacturer’s specification)
Charging time via USB: 120 minutes
Flight Behavior, Fun Factor, Range And Accu. Performance
But also with the numerous accessories on board, our Syma X5C made an exceptionally good figure and defied every smaller gust of wind.Remote control reacts quickly and maintains quality in a healthy medium. In terms of range, we were able to make a distance of around 110 meters, which is a very good value for a mini-quadrocopter and even outshines the manufacturer’s specification from 80 to 100 meters. In a completely different way, we were able to evaluate the manufacturer’s specification regarding battery performance: our test device could achieve a flight time of only six minutes with a fully charged battery under constant movement and fast commands, which is clearly below the manufacturer’s specification of 8 to 10 minutes.We therefore recommend replacing the standard 500 mAh battery (3.7V) with a slightly larger 600 mAh battery or purchasing several replacement and replacement batteries. With a small modification in the area of ​​the battery, even batteries with a capacity of 750 mAh can be installed, which can ultimately increase the maximum flight time to up to 12 minutes.
Buy Syma X5c Günstig
While the flight behavior and the range largely correspond to the specifications of the manufacturer and leave hardly any wishes open, the quality of the camera looks different. Again and again is the talk of HD recordings in 720p. However, the installed camera can not be adapted to the HD recordings, as can be produced, for example, with a GoPro HERO- for technical reasons alone.
Syma X5c: Aerial Photographs Useful?
Nevertheless, for just around 60 Euros, which Syma is currently demanding for the flagship model, you can not, of course, expect high-quality aerial photographs. So the Syma X5C is suitable for smaller spyshots and an all-round view of what’s happening, even if you will  not win the price for the best aerial photography of the week.
In addition, the aerial shots (videos) are also quite blurred-this is because the Syma X5C does not have its own gimbal for image stabilization-which one can not expect at this low price ( What is a gimbal? ). Due to the fixed camera position/fixed camera alignment, there is also the problem that in the forward flight, only the ground/the landscape under the Quadcopter can be seen-and less the perspective in front of one. As mentioned, the Syma X5C is not a professional copter for professional aerial photography, but a fun drone or a toy quadrocopter. And this is what the Syma X5C does very well.
Syma X5C: Conclusion And Purchase Recommendation
With its LED lights, its agile flight behavior, its extensive range of accessories and its integrated camera, the Syma X5C is a great pleasure for young pilots. While, for example, the Hubsan X4 is still playing in the lower league, the Syma X5C-and not just price-wise-is a small and important step forward. The design reminds of the DJI Phantom and the remote control as well as the Kopter itself have a much higher quality than comparable models. Even if the camera is not necessarily the best on the market in purely qualitative terms, it still offers access to aerial photography without the need for great investments. So if you want to get started and want to be inspired by the world of drones and multicopes, the Syma X5C will be well-served.