Bag Tips: Photos, Trends

If there is one thing that girls like too much are purses, backpacks etc. In this article we will showcase various models of backpacks, arm bags, phone cases and some tips for women’s purses. For the day to day, they are exceptionally indispensable. Plus, it’s a hand on the wheel for people who use it a lot for work, meetings, family fun, and more. Without further ado, stick to these hugely important tips on women’s purses. Continue reading  

Le Postiche Children’s Backpacks

The school period is beginning and to take that amount of material necessary to study, even with a quality backpack. One of the most well-known brands in Brazil in this segment is Le Postiche. The company was founded in 1978, always engaged in the trade of luggage, bags and backpacks, which has won a loyal following due to the wide variety of products and the quality of them. Continue reading  

Infant Backpacks – Know The Correct Weight

With the return to the classes, returned the concern with the weight of the backpacks of the children and adolescents. Of course, the little ones only care about the type of the backpack, in particular, with the character that is stamped in his bag. Normal for age. At that time, parents should take action and opt for that backpack that is most appropriate, taking into account the health of your child. Continue reading  

Barbie Backpacks 2012: Models

With the onset of classes approaching, the demand for items of school supplies for children grows. The backpack is one of these items that can not be missing from the shopping list, plus it is the object that children most like to choose. While boys prefer car decoration and cartoons to their backpacks, among girls the sales leads are Barbie’s products. Continue reading  

5 Ways to Customize Your Backpack

Disheveled hair and cut at home, handkerchief in the head, Alpargatas, light and unmatched clothing, cheeks with sardines, sunburned shoulders of the sun, bracelets full of souvenirs and a great partner on the back: the backpacking. The classic backpacker stereotype involves several features and the main ones, even though not purposefully, is the style. It is no wonder that something that creates a series of attitudes so unpretentious has turned out to be a real trend in the fashion world; The striking style of backpackers and quirky backpack ladies attracts the most diverse tribes. Continue reading  

Corinthians Roller Backpack, Prices, Where to Buy

Corinthians Wheel Backpack, Prices, Where To Buy

When classes begin, buying school supplies is essential, and parents make that stifling run in the search for good prices and promotions behind the necessary supplies. But purchases are not always compensatory, that tumultuous stationery shop, a lot of people rushing to buy school supplies with promotions and good prices is very tiring.

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Bags and Backpacks Made of Leather from Estarer

During my wanderings through the vastness of the Internet I stumbled from time to time on the one or the other shop, which I have not yet known. This is the case recently with the OWL Optics glasses. Now I have the past days at Amazon on the provider Estarer became attentive. This has pockets and backpacks made of buffalo or canvas, which are worth considering a little more detailed. Continue reading  

How to Choose the Right Backpack for the Little Ones?


For a child that is already in the time of going to school, it is ideal to use the backpack, especially to carry the books and study books. Other than that, the child always needs extra accessories to prevent at any time. Little ones always choose a different backpack that has his face, usually of a specific color or character. Either way, choosing a backpack is not as easy as it looks, in addition to having to look for the ideal model that your kids will like, it is necessary to pay attention to all specifications of use of the backpack. To help them, we have prepared the best tips from on how to choose the perfect backpack for your little one. Also, plan ahead and enjoy Black Friday in November to already buy your kid’s backpacks at a more attractive price. Continue reading  

Backpack for Man

The famous backpack for man

After long periods of vacation, it is now time to go back to school, back to school! Your child to have more motivation to join the college or high school, offer the necessary accessories needed.

The fabric backpack school man will certainly make him happy because he will have to wear one every day. It is the same for those going for the first time join the University after getting their degree.

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Buy a Backpack?

How to buy a backpack? That’s a question that at some point everyone we passed through the head. A while ago wrote an entry on the characteristics that have the backpack which are usually used for leave travel. But once you know everything you have the backpack, we see that it is what we need for the trips that we move to make, because beyond that surely buy it for a trip in particular are not going to enter that expense to travel only once. Apart once you make a trip before already you’re thinking where are you going to go the next time. Continue reading  

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30

In December, I had you already from my first contact with the brand new Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30 toldthe I specialist Christian Ohlig “was fingering my friend and EIZO” of this chic and highly functional photo and camera backpack had obtained from the Kickstart program at PeakDesign. The report on this can be found your Here. The very first delivery batch like to consider the kick starter buyer. The second batch was quite small to Germany, so that I now on the first big swing is a the Enjoy your camera-container to the test got. Thanks to the team of Ingo Quendler at Enjoyyourcamera love for very many. Continue reading  

Herschel Backpacks Are Back in!

Herschel are backpacks all the rage this season.

Backpacks are back in – it proves the Canadian Pocket label Herschel!

Long came the large backpacks out of fashion, replaced by stylish bags which should serve not the purpose, but rather simply just good looking. Herschel connects exactly: the useful with stylish appearance.
At first glance, a Herschel looks backpack as an ordinary backpack. But when you hold the backpack in hand you can see that this is a real space saver.
founded in 2009 by Jamie and Lyndon Comack, the two designers should always be high quality materials, so that the backpacks promise you a long service life. The combination of trendy patterns and great decorations designed the label backpacks that can allow to see clearly again. Continue reading  

My First Camping Adventure

I’ve sucked tents not just with mother’s milk. We’ve done holiday on a campsite, but my parents then opt for a holiday apartment or chalet. When my best friend asked me whether I would like to explore Europe by train (InterRail) with her, in our senior year I hesitated for a short period of time. I, with a backpack to lug around and stay in a little igloo tent? Why not? Reach us as future students everywhere and – important – it was not that expensive.

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Rip Curl School Bag: For Boys And Girls

The Rip Curl brand

History of the brand

The Rip Curl brand is of Australian origin and was founded in 1969 by two surfers, Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer. In the beginning, she conceived exclusively surfboards. Nautical activity related to the surfing and the waves crashing on the beaches led naturally to the appellation of the sign in “Rip the Curl.

The saturation of the market of design tools for surfing led to the diversification of the activities of the brand. That’s not all, because the increasingly fierce competition and the direction that both partners wanted to give their businesses have led to the development of clothing, accessories and fashion, or, products for the sports.

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With a New School Backpack, the Next School Year May Come At Last!

In some States it is already so far: the great summer holidays have begun. At this point, not the typical text of Sun, summer and beach follows, may read the fact any more, but I give you much prefer our new school backpacks . You just got came in and ensured not only with his parents in the bag department store caused a sensation. The old bag is over, then there is no harm, to look around now already together with the offspring, after a suitable school backpack. The early bird… Continue reading  

Disney School Bags

The hero Spiderman


Peter Parker was one student like the other until he gets bitten by a radioactive spider. This episode gave him power, that to turn into Spider-man to go to the rescue of persons in danger.

Armed with his pitchers of paintings, he fought the bad guys and bandits who threaten the everyday quiet of Manhattan.

Who are the binders Spiderman?

Bags Spiderman is for adventurers fans of the exploits of Spider-man. They will indeed be proud of assets their favorite heroes at hand throughout the school year.

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When Should You Buy School Bag?

We keep getting requests from parents and grandparents, when should you buy best the school bags for the education of the child. We recommend the winter or the spring before the school more or less now, if your child comes in August in the 1st class. A man has sufficient time to inform, to try out different satchel and finding the matching knapsacks model for the children, on the other hand, there are currently also the new collections of the manufacturers, as well as limited editions. So if you want to have a very special school bag model for the young, is now exactly the right time for the purchase of the knapsack. Continue reading  

Tropical Fashion Trend

For the summer but also for autumn, tropical clothes, with clothes and accessories inspired by the mood with an exotic fragrance!

A riot of bright colors, exotic patterns, palm trees, toucans etc., to wear to the beach but also in the city, one simple but trendy, consisting of several must-have missed as dresses, palazzo pants, tank tops, jumpsuits, silk shorts, swimsuits and midi skirts.

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