Bag Tips: Photos, Trends

If there is one thing that girls like too much are purses, backpacks etc. In this article we will showcase various models of backpacks, arm bags, phone cases and some tips for women’s purses. For the day to day, they are exceptionally indispensable. Plus, it’s a hand on the wheel for people who use it a lot for work, meetings, family fun, and more. Without further ado, stick to these hugely important tips on women’s purses. Continue reading  

Infant Backpacks – Know The Correct Weight

With the return to the classes, returned the concern with the weight of the backpacks of the children and adolescents. Of course, the little ones only care about the type of the backpack, in particular, with the character that is stamped in his bag. Normal for age. At that time, parents should take action and opt for that backpack that is most appropriate, taking into account the health of your child. Continue reading  

Barbie Backpacks 2012: Models

With the onset of classes approaching, the demand for items of school supplies for children grows. The backpack is one of these items that can not be missing from the shopping list, plus it is the object that children most like to choose. While boys prefer car decoration and cartoons to their backpacks, among girls the sales leads are Barbie’s products. Continue reading  

Snoopy Bags – New Releases

Snoopy Tote Bags

The Snoopy Bags as always are beautiful and with great launches for you.Those who have already bought the bags of this brand know how beautiful they are, has a beautiful Snoopy pendant and other details that make the accessory even more modern and different too, so stay within the news and launches of the brand.Today it is easier to buy the bags of this brand because we have even some websites that sell the same.So take a good look at this. Continue reading  

5 Ways to Customize Your Backpack

Disheveled hair and cut at home, handkerchief in the head, Alpargatas, light and unmatched clothing, cheeks with sardines, sunburned shoulders of the sun, bracelets full of souvenirs and a great partner on the back: the backpacking. The classic backpacker stereotype involves several features and the main ones, even though not purposefully, is the style. It is no wonder that something that creates a series of attitudes so unpretentious has turned out to be a real trend in the fashion world; The striking style of backpackers and quirky backpack ladies attracts the most diverse tribes. Continue reading  

Corinthians Roller Backpack, Prices, Where to Buy

Corinthians Wheel Backpack, Prices, Where To Buy

When classes begin, buying school supplies is essential, and parents make that stifling run in the search for good prices and promotions behind the necessary supplies. But purchases are not always compensatory, that tumultuous stationery shop, a lot of people rushing to buy school supplies with promotions and good prices is very tiring.

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Bags and Backpacks Made of Leather from Estarer

During my wanderings through the vastness of the Internet I stumbled from time to time on the one or the other shop, which I have not yet known. This is the case recently with the OWL Optics glasses. Now I have the past days at Amazon on the provider Estarer became attentive. This has pockets and backpacks made of buffalo or canvas, which are worth considering a little more detailed. Continue reading  

Backpack for Man

The famous backpack for man

After long periods of vacation, it is now time to go back to school, back to school! Your child to have more motivation to join the college or high school, offer the necessary accessories needed.

The fabric backpack school man will certainly make him happy because he will have to wear one every day. It is the same for those going for the first time join the University after getting their degree.

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Trendy Tote Bag Pattern

Here’s what the tote bag of autumn winter 2015-2016 in: trends more fashionistas to models must have of the season, we discover together the most interesting proposals and interpretations the coolest spot on the catwalk and already available in-store.

Tote bag, which is the right compromise for those who need a large day bag but it’s not a shopper. A model you can wear under any circumstances and to take to the Office without any problem, with a volume that is able to accommodate folders and documents to take with you. Continue reading  

What Travel Bag to Buy

Dyears this Lifestyle blog, we often talk about fashion. Indeed, we are trying to find the most beautiful parts and especially to be able to match them together. Our goal, find the most elegant and the most representative of the men’s trend of the moment looks. That said, the clothes are not everything. Accessories also have a prominent place in the coherence of a masculine look.

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How to Choose Shoulder Bag

The sleeve with shoulder strap is a bag to the undeniably timeless look. You can find it in several different colours. She is adopted by fashionistas around the world.

The cross body leather wallet still has a very bright future that awaits him in the world of fashion. Bag & Shoes gives you all the tracks to find the template you need!

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Handbags-Firmly on Their Side

Birkin or Kelly? In her book “For the Love of Bags”, the most popular handbags of yesteryear presents Julia Werner and reveals how social media fire on the success of the accessories.

Mirror ON LINE: In your photo book classic and unusual handbags imagine, for example, the Kelly Bag and more well known models from other international labels. One has provoked a decision of the District Court Erding even 2012. Why?

Werner: Right, that was the knuckle clutch by Alexander McQueen. The grip is inspired by a brass knuckles. Customs officials at Munich Airport seized them, because they thought they could use the bag as a weapon. The wearer sued, the Court noted that the grip is actually just a grip. The woman regained her bag. The knuckle clutch but not only about that caused a conversation piece, she was just a spectacular model.

Julia Werner, born in 1979, is style columnist for the Southgerman newspaper and since July 2015, Deputy Editor in Chief of German glamour. Werner lived and worked for five years in Florence, the Centre of the international leather art.

Mirror ON LINE: Designers need to create such models to get noticed or do’s and classic bags? Continue reading  

Small Shoulder Bags For Everyone

Small shoulder bags for everyone

It must be not always XXL, and you must also just limit yourself to the essential things of in life and not it looks different when it comes to the matching bag and not with unnecessary ballast will load up themselves and would also have the hands free. As well, there’s the super practical, small shoulder bags for these occasions, which meet exactly these requirements. There the necessary things like purse, cell phone and keys fit wonderfully and the rest house stand does not have to. Continue reading  

Men and Bags

The times when men with Briefcase or backpack through the area were gone. Today’s trend-conscious man appreciate it quite a bag to carry not only his personal belongings and goods stowed away, but also what looks like and that’s why I wanted to grapple with me today a little with the various types of bag for him, because we have certainly also male followers and you should now really don’t miss out. Continue reading  

Bags Models – the ABC of Handbags!

Bags models – thousands of different shapes, colors and materials. Hardly a man to days today denies that a woman can have never enough pockets … But what bag fits to what look and whatever the occasion, this is an important question that should ask every woman before she goes out of the House. Even men who are looking for a gift for your loved ones, should know the answer of this question. It is at least as important as this after the election of the appropriate jewelry. With the following small ABC, we want to help you execute the right case at the right time. Continue reading  

My Fashion Advice

My advice packing bags

A beach vacation is the time to relax and laze. So pack your bags pays no stress, helps a systematically structured Vacation cloakroom.

Finally again vacation time! Have you already planned your most beautiful days of the year and chosen for a relaxing beach holiday? Then think you certainly have, what clothes you want to take.By now, good planning is needed – especially if you have to limit your luggage. Quite often I stand in such moments before my suitcase and realize that I want to remember too much. High time, once systematically tackle the problem. If it is similar to you, try it out the following 7 steps to create your holiday wardrobe:

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