Black and White Combination Fashion

We love the pastel shades, we do not know to give up colorful patterns, but also the black and white classics never cease to grow tired! Synonymous with elegance and simplicity, the black-white mix is one of the most refined combinations that you can show off and that’s why I like so much to both women and men. we do not know what to wear or have no desire to engage in the choice of our look? Opt for the ‘black and white combination can prove to be a winning choice. Continue reading  

A Great Future for a Varied Bags – Autumn

So slowly we must resign ourselves probably, that the autumn arrives and somehow, again, Christmas is around the corner. The year passes and you somehow don’t really know where the time has gone. How nice that the designer but attune us with all sorts of new trends for the upcoming season and there really varied trends are visible, that meet every taste with security. Let’s start with the colors look. Continue reading  

You Know-the Little Pocket Dictionary

The ABC of Fashion: What is a Kelly Bag, a Softclutch, a HOBO Bag, the Famous Chanel 2.55, a Weekender or a Pochette? Fashion can often give us puzzles. Here is the resolution.

Who is Who of Bags. Everyone wants to be able to speak, words are spun through the air, new trend bags are created every season , but if one really does not know a term, one rarely dare to ask. Continue reading  

Universe Retro and Awarding Best Partners Look Western

On day 30 of July, last Saturday of the month, takes place at Rockerama Club in São Paulo, the Honky-tonk Party. The party country of the universe 1 year Retro site and commemorates the launch of the collection “Pin-Ups”, in partnership with Illustrator Aline Lacroc. In addition to the confirmed attractions – the bands The Hicks, Ton White and Rooster of The Rising Sun, the DJ Wagnão DJing on vinyl and the presentation of burlesque western of Aurora D’vine -, the site hosted an award of Best Vintage Western. Continue reading  

Bag Tips: Photos, Trends

If there is one thing that girls like too much are purses, backpacks etc. In this article we will showcase various models of backpacks, arm bags, phone cases and some tips for women’s purses. For the day to day, they are exceptionally indispensable. Plus, it’s a hand on the wheel for people who use it a lot for work, meetings, family fun, and more. Without further ado, stick to these hugely important tips on women’s purses. Continue reading  

Infant Backpacks – Know The Correct Weight

With the return to the classes, returned the concern with the weight of the backpacks of the children and adolescents. Of course, the little ones only care about the type of the backpack, in particular, with the character that is stamped in his bag. Normal for age. At that time, parents should take action and opt for that backpack that is most appropriate, taking into account the health of your child. Continue reading  

Barbie Backpacks 2012: Models

With the onset of classes approaching, the demand for items of school supplies for children grows. The backpack is one of these items that can not be missing from the shopping list, plus it is the object that children most like to choose. While boys prefer car decoration and cartoons to their backpacks, among girls the sales leads are Barbie’s products. Continue reading  

Snoopy Bags – New Releases

Snoopy Tote Bags

The Snoopy Bags as always are beautiful and with great launches for you.Those who have already bought the bags of this brand know how beautiful they are, has a beautiful Snoopy pendant and other details that make the accessory even more modern and different too, so stay within the news and launches of the brand.Today it is easier to buy the bags of this brand because we have even some websites that sell the same.So take a good look at this. Continue reading  

5 Ways to Customize Your Backpack

Disheveled hair and cut at home, handkerchief in the head, Alpargatas, light and unmatched clothing, cheeks with sardines, sunburned shoulders of the sun, bracelets full of souvenirs and a great partner on the back: the backpacking. The classic backpacker stereotype involves several features and the main ones, even though not purposefully, is the style. It is no wonder that something that creates a series of attitudes so unpretentious has turned out to be a real trend in the fashion world; The striking style of backpackers and quirky backpack ladies attracts the most diverse tribes. Continue reading  

Corinthians Roller Backpack, Prices, Where to Buy

Corinthians Wheel Backpack, Prices, Where To Buy

When classes begin, buying school supplies is essential, and parents make that stifling run in the search for good prices and promotions behind the necessary supplies. But purchases are not always compensatory, that tumultuous stationery shop, a lot of people rushing to buy school supplies with promotions and good prices is very tiring.

Continue reading  

Bags and Backpacks Made of Leather from Estarer

During my wanderings through the vastness of the Internet I stumbled from time to time on the one or the other shop, which I have not yet known. This is the case recently with the OWL Optics glasses. Now I have the past days at Amazon on the provider Estarer became attentive. This has pockets and backpacks made of buffalo or canvas, which are worth considering a little more detailed. Continue reading  

Backpack for Man

The famous backpack for man

After long periods of vacation, it is now time to go back to school, back to school! Your child to have more motivation to join the college or high school, offer the necessary accessories needed.

The fabric backpack school man will certainly make him happy because he will have to wear one every day. It is the same for those going for the first time join the University after getting their degree.

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