Make With Stars In Dior Couture Fashion Show!

If there’s one time that love is the Week of Haute Couture, especially when the Dior brings a make with stars super beautiful on the eve of our Carnival, huh?! After all, isn’t everything that we can copy a fashion week so specific… in fact, almost anything! Then, when the brands are betting on a beautiful makeup, simple to make and absolutely powerful is something we need to keep an eye! Continue reading  

Makeup Country – Photos, Models

Country Makeup Photos and Models Learn How

The Country Makeup is different from the other models we have there, because it is stronger and more striking, and composed of darker shades, everything that asks the style and also the occasion.But today you can check out various models of Country Makeup so you can learn how to make this new, even more so because it has so many models.The secret of this make is in highlighting the look, which is why dark tones are essential as well.The smoky models are not even talked about, they make that makeup even more perfect and it draws people’s attention even more. Continue reading  

How to Make Flat Braid

The braids passion knows no boundaries. If you feel like a different style, there is a small and easy trick to create a wide but not too bulky. The result is super cool. Learn how to do it with this tutorial.
Be able to realize these massive braids but not too who have won the Pinterest board, it’s much easier than you think. Just use a little trick: the cotonatura crushed.

The idea is to make your flat braid, like a pancake, so that it creates the illusion of a larger braid. To do this, your weaves strands as you are wont to do. Then, the trick is to pull the hair strands of each section of the braid with his forefinger and thumb. This way your hairstyle will dilate and immediately appear more voluminous.

If you have short hair, pull the hair, could melt the braid, but do not worry: This technique is suitable for many hairstyle. Even the smallest, and measured, tearing will add a nice oomph to your style.

And, then, to see how to make the flattened braid is fascinating. From a little look…

How to Make the Bun Hairstyle

A bun from the back, or more modern flavor such that high, a dancer or red carpet. How to achieve the most elegant of hairstyles.

  • Do you think that the bunis too demanding? Absolutely no! It’s elegant and romantic hairstyle if you want to show it off in the evening, but also ordered to have a perfect look that lasts all day. Here are the secrets of the chignon explained!
  • Venice 2016: three ways to make the bun
    On the red carpet of the latest edition of the Venice Film Festival in Venice the bun was featured in its most modern variations: disheveled and upwards.
  • Chignon in every way
    The disheveled chignon is rising, while the Knotter misfires. The crop on top of the head is ok as long as unusual in braids, even fake can go provided that it has an air of saucy. Continue reading  

Korean Beauty: The Secrets Of The New Trend Makeup

The latest trend in makeup? The beauty korean style, inspired by the rampant fashion (in the West) of K-Pop band Discover here what it is and how to achieve it.

The latest trend in fashion and beauty? He comes from the East. Following the success of K-Pop (where “K” stands for “Korean”), boy bands and- above all-girl band playing a mix of pop, trot, EDM and R & B, the make-up of Korean youth is becoming a real must of the beauty addicted (and beyond). A pleasure is the effect kawaii (Japanese term referring to the manga characters with traits childish and big eyes), which is created with clever use of foundation, eyeliner, lip gloss and other devices not widespread-at least for the moment-in the make-up Western routine.

Wisp or new obsession? Establishing this is difficult, but if you want to try the korean beautyhere is the tips to make it.

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Tom Ford Beauty

What’s new makeup of the prestigious brands: bare products and highlighter to enhance the natural complexion. find out together.

“Cosmetic products are useful to illuminate, shape and define facial features and create balance and symmetry”-Tom Ford

Tom Ford presents two collections for autumn 2015. The first, Fall 2015 Collection Flawless Face, includes a range of new products that can completely transform the look of the oval with minimum effort and maximum effect, because for the Tom Ford Beauty begins a radiant and flawless skin.

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