Retro Bikinis: Templates, Tips

Even with the fame of the small Brazilian bikini, many national brands are betting on larger models for summer 2013. This new trend has become a preference among the celebrities that appear by using the retro bikinis. Learn more about the retro bikinis and check out tips for models that promise to leave the beach look even more beautiful.

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Swimsuits and Bikinis for Pregnant Women

To start the week, what about tips? We love right? lol…

See what the Swimsuits and bikinis more indicated for pregnant women.

For you to enjoy the days of warmth and display your beautiful belly of pregnant out there you have to choose swimsuits and bikinis comfortable, without losing the style.

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Brand New Bikinis

I think we all have an infinite desire to arrive the Easter holidays. Because we can take 3-4 days or more, the rest or the possibility of travelling we will come great. The lucky ones may escape a few days in the Sun, the beach and perhaps even dare with the first swim of the year. But what is clear is that a bikini or bathing suit new You can not miss the suitcase (just in case). If you want brand new fashion bathroom before it reaches the Easter, attentive. Continue reading  

Checklist: 10 Accessories For Bathing Fun with Chic

Summer, Sun, bathing, relaxing… A happy thought, isn’t it? But are you ready for this? And I don’t mean, whether you could well use a few leisure hours. No, I’m asking you because I know that the first summer, beach or bathroom hours always too early come – before I really prepared from personal experience. Because if you spend really relaxing hours bathing or Sun and thereby “tres chic” be, requires a little planning.

Also, in my opinion, more is less. With a few, but high-quality accessories just a much better figure on the beach, in the swimming pool or at the Lake! My personal check list of the 10 most important accessories for a chic bathing pleasure is only a suggestion for you that you can customize according to your wishes and needs. Sun enjoy it! Continue reading  

What to Wear for a Trip by Plane

Getting ready for the holidays? Which one of you is about to leave for vacation, will certainly have already prepared your luggage, it will have slipped pack bikinis and sarongs and will have carefully selected the beauty products to take with you, but it remains one last thing to do before you leave: choose what to wear on the trip. You typically how you dress when you face a plane trip? You want to be fashion at all costs, or prefer to opt for simple and comfortable look?

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What to wear for Beach

This summer 2015 will be colorful: fashion wakes with the Sun! Everything is allowed, so we took the opportunity. So, wearing this summer on the beach? There is not only the swimsuit that matters, but also the accessories and beach wear. Getting ready to be the most beautiful to go sunbathing and lounging at the edge of the water. Don’t worry, I’ll explain:

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First Time Sauna Tips

Sauna newbies who want to visit a sauna for the first time, often do not know what they are doing have to observe everything. What do I have to take with me? And as so makes a sauna from anyway? We give you many useful tips for your first visit to the sauna.

I Am Packing My Bag …

Sets you already at home everything ready, what you need for the sauna. Take best a sports bag and grabs a following items:

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Etam by Natalia Vodianova Show

Natalia Vodianova is the testimonial as well as designer in a fashion line of the collection Etam for autumn winter 2010 2011, the beautiful Russian model proves to be good and beautiful and have all the proper paperwork to start a nice career in the world of fashion. The line Etam by Natalia Vodianova includes both garments that intimate sensual and very sexy but not all overdone, say that it shows perfectly the style of supermodels, beautiful, sexy but a disarming sweetness. Continue reading  

What to Wear In Spa Sauna

Tested for harmful substances such as bathrobes and bath towels are at a premium. Rightly. Because with a lifestyle consciously chosen and healthy, consumers wish textiles without chemical substances.And just people who regularly go to the Sauna want to envelop in cuddly soft bathrobes-with the secure feeling of textiles in excellent organic quality. Finally, organic textiles come from a fair trade trade and thus include socially acceptable components of the producer.

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