Compare Three Android Smartphones With Support

Check out the features and limitations of the models Alcatel, Motorola 890D Fire and ZTE V821, pioneers in Brazil

In recent years, the Brazilians were only in basic cellular market with support for two chips. With the popularity of smartphones, which had 80% higher sales in the first six months of 2011, some manufacturers have launched their first recentamente Dual-SIM Smartphone here. With them, users can use two chips on the same appliance, without giving up to surf the internet and install applications. Continue reading  

The Bluetooth Speaker with Nightlight Function of PEAQ

The Bluetooth Speaker with Nightlight Function of PEAQ

Yes, we have what? A portable Bluetooth LED Lamp Speaker. Sorry, what? A small wireless night light with Bluetooth speaker phone function. Small, practical and good. It also still so wonderfully minimalistic in design. Continue reading