The New Crocs Rain Boots Collection

The new Crocs rain boots make you want on the first stormy autumn days. Because the innovative, comfortable boots are waterproof and withstand any rain. You will not only whet your appetite on long walks in the cold season, but also lots of stylegive their wearer. The crocs rain boots collection offers a previously unknown variety of more comfortable, colorful and flashy styles. Including boots for men can be found new, trendy rain. The crocs rain boot autumn/winter 2012 collection is to buy it in the shops and online. Continue reading  

Why Do I Buy All the Same Clothes?

Much has happened in my last spring: I have lost 12 kilos, me newly in love and then ran with the Red me even this madness shoes on the way, and pink suede strappy. I preferred running around in clothes, which could just as well be men jumped lightly over my shadow, pulled the credit card through the scanner, and noted: these shoes fit 1A to me, but not for the rest of my wardrobe. So followed: my first pink belt, bangles, a new lipstick color, warmer and fresher than the old, the first floral dress in my life and my first fragrance. I felt like new: beautiful, proud, almost invulnerable. Continue reading  

New Collection of Women’s Dakota Boots

The mid season fashion is coming up with everything and for fall winter the models of footwear comes with much more style and beauty and that is why today I come with beautiful models of Dakota female boots that are beautiful and excellent for you.

This year’s new collection comes with gorgeous models that promise to match different styles with high-quality leather boots. Continue reading  

Winter Shoes: What People Will Want to Use

After the summer of slides, which are our favourite shoes for autumn/winter?

We are the team who doesn’t think we need to have “reserved” only for certain seasons and everything is adaptable – the new wave of consumption, we need parts which extend the range of temperatures and our style. But there’s no way: some trends or types of clothes/accessories work better in the cold than in the heat, and vice versa. Continue reading  

MTE Cancel Garbage Collection in Itapeva For Lack of Gloves

Organ claims that City Hall also offers no medical follow-up.
Executive says that measure is illegal because it is detrimental to public health in the city.

The Ministry of labor and employment (MTE) prevented garbage collection in Itapeva (SP), on Wednesday (20), claiming that the city does not provide the basic health equipment collectors and medical follow-up. The Valley service ban indefinitely until the municipal government adjust the conditions of officials, says the tax auditor responsible for work stoppage, Paulo Roberto da Silva Warlet. Continue reading  

You Like to Buy Shoes? Choose Your without Leaving Home

Bold or more traditional look which is your type of footwear directly from your computer. The iTodas have chosen three virtual stores that let you choose the color and the size that you want, with just one click by Victoria Bensaude you’re stylish? Likes to be daring on fashion and use all different? And like all […] Continue reading  

High Heeled Sneakers Nike-Models

Nike, one of the largest manufacturers of sneakers in the world, is always innovating. She was the first to create a unique design of sneakers for women, even though dressed sportily, don’t descend from the high heels. Is all the comfort Nike technology generated about high heels elegantíssimos. In that case, see the main high-heeled Nike Sneakers-Models.

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Men’s Shoes For Autumn 2016

The wet-cold autumn has definitely arrived – the time to adjust the wardrobe of the new season!Since the colorful season is often unstable, robust and fashionable footwear is now an absolute must.

To help you with this year’s search for new companions, I have put together the great shoe trends of autumn 2016 for you.

With these trendy men’s shoes, you can look forward to the stormy months.I wish you lots of fun! Continue reading  

Guide to Winter Boots

Many parts of Germany have already seen the first snow in this winter and also Frost there already. So it’s time to equip themselves with warm winter shoes. Snow-covered paths, smooth roads and wet sidewalks are everyday challenges, must withstand a winter shoe.In addition, the new boat for the winter should be warm too and look good. How does man now so find the right boots? Continue reading  

How to Wear Boots

The men’s shoes, including the boots and ankle boots, become increasingly worked. They become more refined, and their design is neat and sought after. But how to put forward? You see, unfortunately, that for some models, the beauty will be “inside”. Let’s make a list of ones you can wear pants and others you want to hide.

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Geox Shoes Spring Summer 2015 

Discover the new collection Geox 2015 in order to know the models of Geox shoes spring summer catalog. Beautiful low -heeled Sandals and oxfords, loafers and lace-up shoes, booties, sneakers Geox, Italian brand that, without giving up comfort and quality, offers a collection fashionable and very trendy.

The new women’s collection spring summer 2015 Geox is characterized by beautiful shoe fashion models that reflect the major trends for the hot season, made with top quality materials, all with special patented breathable sole, which made the Italian company one of the best brands of shoes made in Italy all over the world. Continue reading  

Different Kinds of Hiking Shoes

The concepts Hiking and walking is relatively new among the general public in Sweden and there are still many who can not define exactly which use these shoes are suitable for. Are they to go on asphalt, or fits better in the woods? This guide aims to increase understanding about hiking- and walking shoes and you thereby hopefully get better advantage of your particular pair.

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What Should I Wear to an Amusement Park

This season is very relevant. These are parks free extended jacket. But what to wear to the Park, we sometimes obscure this jacket looks pretty girls too specific in their style in some ways they are right, the Park-a very bright object with a very specific design direction. However, this does not mean that we will be able to wear it with just a tracksuit or military.

Today we will try to answer the question of what to wear to the park so, how to make delicious apartments, looking important. How not to be like others?

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Clothing for Special Occasions

You can expect some significant social event that requires Ceremony. Go to the best specialty shops, or contact the clever dressmaker. You can also try your luck in the Rental of clothing. Offer ceremonial clothes in many boutiques with maternity fashion is relatively limited.

Emphasize or hide the tummy?

Lay it for granted that even in moments when you need to look dazzling, you have to think primarily at their convenience. Most Popular in this direction cut that is tapered down over her breasts and belly, then you must hang loose blouse. Dark colors are known to look smaller, so you can choose the colors in darker shades. Conversely, if you want to highlight their maternity line, put your clothes feel tight and through them must either wear crocheted bolero with closing above the belly.

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Fashion Tips for This Season

Fashion is so changeable and surprising that has the ability to restore their trends again and again. It would seem that the long forgotten coat back in trend and a variety of colors and styles, just amazing its elegance and modernity. Sheepskin clothing sewn in ancient times. It was believed that it has a certain magical properties, and drives away evil spirits and is to bring health to those who it is the same claims and modern medicine-holder is able to establish and improve the work of the bodies. We must not lose sight of the fact that as outerwear are even some set of positive qualities that give way to even her chic leather mink coats and Pestsovoye.

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