An Evening in Sexy Maid

The sexy maid costume is very popular with the male sex. Nurse, stewardess, teachers, police … Many professions contribute men to arouse the libido. And if you opt for a sexy outfit, naughty accessories, role playing, seduction for a hot night? Why are you wearing a maid costume? What he has in sexy maid? What’s in a suit of sexy household? To find out, here is some information. Continue reading  

Gift Tips for Men: Shorts

Underwear is a great gift, always. There are people who think very simple or boring, but this piece has to be always young, fragrant and well cared for and it never hurts to have another. When you go to buy underwear for men gift, my husband, for boyfriend, for the son, nephew or grandchild beats that doubt: how to choose the best option? For the price? The color that you like most? By sensuality? We explain everything in your underwear for you learn how to choose the best for your baby’s body presented! Continue reading  

Boxers or Panties?

Lisa? With or without standards? Boxers or Splips? Righteous or wide? The possibilities are immense in terms of mens underwear. But opinions are far from consensual.

If a vote on the fair other abhor and want off. Patterns are out of the question for most. Will be? In fact we don’t know the answer, we live a very short time to stay just the basics. Continue reading