Led Vs Fluorescent Lamps: See Which Is Better

You ever been in doubt when buying lamps for your home? What would be the most appropriate? After the extinction of the light bulbs on the market, your place was taken by fluorescent darlings. Now a new technology emerges with LED lamps.

In this article we will teach you how to differentiate from one another, comparing the cost, durability, price and average lighting capacity. So you can choose which one meets your needs more. Continue reading  

Learn All About The LED Lamp

Since 2010, incandescent bulbs are leaving the shelves of markets. Gradually, the bulbs of 100 watts, 150 and 200 were banned. In early July, came the time of 60 watts. The measure, to adjust consumption in the country energy efficiency program, let the consumer the options of fluorescent lights and the LED (Light Emitting Diode). Continue reading  

What LED Bulb to Choose

For several years considering the purchase of LED bulbs (also called LED) for some lamp shades at home. Basically like savings in the sense to do the same (or more) amount of work with less resources, not in the sense of “deprivation”. So for a long time use energy saving bulbs and question time it was to go on LED lamps.

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