Buy Less But Buy Better, The Golden Rule

Small I always wanted to be a millionaire. Now, with a little perspective I realize that what I really wanted to be was someone important, but society teach us that we have to live in big houses, driving expensive cars and spend Christmas on the beach to prove to everyone that we have had success in life. All of this under the age of 40, of course! Continue reading  

Micromachismos: The Other Feminist Struggle That We Need a Better Vaccine

What machismo is still latent in our society, unfortunately, is something that almost no one dares to deny. The gender-based violence or the wage differentials between men and women are, perhaps, the most flagrant examples. We recognize them and the vast majority of ordinary people, men and women, We reject those behaviors. But, what happens with the? micromachismos? Continue reading  

Step on It – with the Audi Q7 on the Test Track

A Test Track, Six Mothers, a Father and Lots of Adrenaline.

I like cars, and Yes, my driving is often and like to very dynamic, haha. And because my heart so much for cars, I’m almost to the ceiling went in early December with happiness – because Audi invited to the Audi parents experience. A whole day at Audi. And it was even better, we were able to admire not only the Q7 {a dream car} and even drive. No, no, we had even a driving course of a special kind. I schools still of this special day. Hallelujah. And, who can test better a car on family health and safety, as real mothers and fathers? Yes, exactly – nobody. Continue reading  

How to Build an Off Road Track for RC Cars

Build an off-road track for RC cars provides hours of fun and requires very few tools and supplies. With a few basic hand tools and a little time, a relatively small patch of open ground can be turned into an off-road race track with berms, jumps and obstacles. As manufacturer of the track that you can custom design the course by adding straight lines for high speeds, sharp turns and special sections with sand, rocks or other debris. The course can be adapted to a skill level or a combination of easy to intermediate and expert sections.Things you need.

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RC Dragonfly Helicopter

The world of toys and hobby is wide, as it includes a multitude of items for girls, boys and adults. An international trend in leisure is remote control products.Many different remote control, or RC, items are available as the brand of Dragonfly of RC helicopters. Several retailers sell Dragonfly RC helicopters, many of which are online sellers. Dinodirect.

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