The 7 Fastest Watches

Watches With Top Speed

What watches are the fastest? And what is the advantage of the high speed of the wearer at all? For sports cars, the maximum speed is an important value. Watches should not run faster, otherwise they go ahead. But the clock, the balance, can turn faster. The higher speed there leads to a higher precision of the clock. If 18,000 half-oscillations (equal to 2.5 hertz) were normal during the hour, 18,800 half-oscillations (4 hertz) are already standard. Continue reading  

Choose an Original Clock as a Gift

The choice of a gift has become a headache for everyone. It is difficult to know whether or not he’ll like. Then, you will spend a lot of time to think and to find the best possible gift. To help you find the right choice, offer an original clock or an original revival is strongly recommended, because you can find the clock which is perfect for the person regardless of his personality. Besides, the original clock and the original awakening have several unique forms to ensure the desired effect. Continue reading  

Repair Service Watches

Why our customers choose Uhrmageriets workshop

At Uhrmageriet is our interest in Them is not limited to the situation where they have bought a clock and is out the door again. We have it as our very highest priority on all ways to help them get the maximum pleasure of Their watches and this preferably for the longest possible time.

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Smart Clock with Android Arrives in Brazil

At the end of June, Google launched at its annual developer conference three smart clocks with the Android operating system.The smartwaches of the US company are Gear Live, manufactured by Samsung, Moto 360, developed by Motorola, and G Watch, produced by LG, which will be on sale in Brazilian stores from the beginning of August for R $ 699. Continue reading  

Brazilian Company Creates ATM with NFC

The wearable devices market is growing steadily in the technology sector, the big companies in the market have already begun to play their part in developing new products. Recently Apple has released its smart watch to compete with other manufacturers such as LG , Motorola and Samsung .And with the growth these products become more important to the daily activities. Continue reading  

Second Shot: Male Watches with Recycled Skateboards

Recycling not only helps with the conservation of our environment as can stir the imagination of designers all over the world, creating pieces with forms colors and unusual textures, as in the case of these Canadian-branded watches 2nd Shot, whose dials take advantage of wood shapes of skateboards that were discarded to offer a play with original and modern visual.

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How to Add Multiple Clocks with Different Time Zones

Did you know that your computer can add multiple clocks on the desktop and that they can show the schedules of the most varied places on the planet?Because all this is possible without having to change the main location of the operating system add-on.For this, all you have to do is add the clocks you want to see through some quick commands.

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Contemporary Modern Wall Clocks

Here at Contemporary Heaven spring has already arrived with various products of all colors; green, red, orange, etc. Take a look at the new aticles perfect for the season!

Let’s start with s Clocks Retro Modern Time Zone. This f abuleuse range of  large wall clocks modern era with three time zones and a main dial cream is characterized by Roman numerals, a metal clock case of bright color and cheerful  and black hands.

Our new range of wall clocks skeleton is more modern and refined than our old versions of metal. This option is bright orange but these clocks are also available in other colors;white, black, red and silver. These unique wall clocks feature Roman dial, chrome needles and quality German movement that will go well in any home or office whether modern or not.

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How to Fix a Wall Clock

By the principle of action clockwork, there are three main types of clocks-electronic, mechanical and electronic and mechanical.

An example of a simple mechanical design hours of weightlifting engine – familiar to almost all the cuckoo clocks.

For example, they can be considered typical of this type of failure hours, and their solutions.

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