Beware, Your Future Boss Is Watching What You Do on The Networks

Companies claim to consult social networks of their (futures, especially) employees. To start: recognize that you are going to gossip is ugly, very ugly. But I read that this will seriously and ask me what, how, when and why while another line I start to castrate my Facebook make me anonymous on Twitter, to privatize my Instagram and obviously, fulminating my profile of Tinder. I what I know. Now I’m afraid. Continue reading  

10 Emotional Phases of a Moving

At the end of the last move that had done, I removed two boxes that would never come to place and I sat on the floor. I relied on the wall where to go sofa which still did not have and put God to witness that would never make a move with my own hands. Something should fail in the transmission of the message because just yesterday I finished with my last move. Continue reading  

Why Do I Buy All the Same Clothes?

Much has happened in my last spring: I have lost 12 kilos, me newly in love and then ran with the Red me even this madness shoes on the way, and pink suede strappy. I preferred running around in clothes, which could just as well be men jumped lightly over my shadow, pulled the credit card through the scanner, and noted: these shoes fit 1A to me, but not for the rest of my wardrobe. So followed: my first pink belt, bangles, a new lipstick color, warmer and fresher than the old, the first floral dress in my life and my first fragrance. I felt like new: beautiful, proud, almost invulnerable. Continue reading  

Maternity Clothes: How to Dress According to Your Figure of Pregnant

Each pregnant luce a type of different belly, know what clothes and what designs you feel better

If you are pregnant and your belly can not already hide you’ve started to look the catalogues of maternity clothes. Pregnant your belly is proud and, therefore, most like to wear it in all its glory. Continue reading  

Athletes from the Road Cycling Team Prepare to Compete

AndrÉ Gohr And Caio Godoy Face The First Challenge Of The Season This Weekend. Athletes Participating In CMC Exchange

The cyclists André Gohr and Caio Godoy, representatives of the Brazilian Team of Road Cycling Sub-23, are preparing to compete on Sunday (15), in the event Tranversale des al l’ain, which will be held in France. This will be the first international challenge of the season for the Brazilian pair, currently part of the Exchange Project of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation, sponsored by Caixa Econômica Federal. Continue reading  

Children’s Party of Mickey: Check Out 25 Exciting Ideas!

Check out creative ideas to organize a birthday party with the Mickey Mouse theme.

The your son’s birthday and you don’t know how to celebrate? Then try to organise a children’s Party of Mickey. This event is shaping up to be fun, creative and even a bit nostalgic. Check out the story and see some ideas. Continue reading  

Learn What Is a Velotour

Velotour does not have a competitive character. Rather, it aims to stimulate fellowship and interaction with other participants and with the locale. Each participant is autonomous, that is, carries their own belongings and everything they need during the trip. The participants take their tools, their food and water, because there is no support car. The idea is really to make a trip autonomous. Continue reading