You Know-the Little Pocket Dictionary

The ABC of Fashion: What is a Kelly Bag, a Softclutch, a HOBO Bag, the Famous Chanel 2.55, a Weekender or a Pochette? Fashion can often give us puzzles. Here is the resolution.

Who is Who of Bags. Everyone wants to be able to speak, words are spun through the air, new trend bags are created every season , but if one really does not know a term, one rarely dare to ask. Continue reading  

Bags Models – the ABC of Handbags!

Bags models – thousands of different shapes, colors and materials. Hardly a man to days today denies that a woman can have never enough pockets … But what bag fits to what look and whatever the occasion, this is an important question that should ask every woman before she goes out of the House. Even men who are looking for a gift for your loved ones, should know the answer of this question. It is at least as important as this after the election of the appropriate jewelry. With the following small ABC, we want to help you execute the right case at the right time. Continue reading  

4 Kinds of Handbags That Can Not Be Missing Any Woman

There are women who have only one bag for all occasions – in school, on a date night in town to party – just anywhere. Mostly it is not very practical. Have different handbags for different occasions is after all just great.

In this article, we have prepared four main kinds of handbags, which should possess every woman.

First Crossbody Handbag

Crossbody bags in recent years at the peak of popularity. Who does not like it was. Mostly they manufactured in medium sizes, allowing accommodate all the necessities. Style crossbody handbags care piece by piece, so classically formal to more casual after – can be just worn for everyday use. Their fit is also very convenient – just throw it over your shoulder and you may go. Well, does that come in countless variations.

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The Looks of Jeans You Want to Copy

Who doesn’t have a pair of jeans in your closet? This is a basic versatile clothing that can be worn with a blazer and heels or with a t-shirt and sneakers. The truth is that the classic cut jeans never pass sets and are so comfortable that some of us have dozens of models in your closet. Continue reading