Accomplishments in Decoration

We often see pictures of beautiful, huge and sophisticated environments in magazines and on the Internet and we think there is nothing we can take advantage of. At other times we find them so different from our taste that, after a quick look, we discard them. And still others, we do not pay attention to photos, at first, “silly”…. Continue reading  

Ralph Lauren Bedding Set

Do not try to hide you more because the cold is coming (says it one which dropped the gotilla of sweat as I type this) and the designers know it, so you have already begun to take their autumn-winter collections. Our colleagues from Embelezzia they have shared with us the collection of Ralph Lauren bed linen, so let’s the best sets. Continue reading  

Pillows and Cushions Online

Shopping fiber cushion for the winter 2016 from the online store at the mail order source.

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Pillows and Cushions Online

Living environment and fiber pillows in 2016: trendy expression from source

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Picnic Themed Birthday: Decorating Ideas

Organize a large outdoor picnic to celebrate the birthday child. See tips and inspiring ideas to decorate the party.

The picnic-themed children’s birthday is an excellent choice to celebrate the first year of baby’s life, but also has become popular among children up to six years of age. This party can happen just before the lunch break or at the end of the afternoon, so that the little ones enjoying the sunny day to play. It is also essential to decorate the place with elements referring to the classic “picnic”.

Is in the spring or summer, nothing better than to organize a children’s Party in an open environment, with trees, flowers and grass. In this way, children can be comfortable and interact with nature, not to mention that the photo album will be amazing. The birthday picnic themed proposal is precisely that: involve the birthday boy and his buddies in a delicious outdoor experience.

Decoration for themed birthday picnic

The House & Party decoration ideas panned themed birthday picnic. Check out:

Lounges with checked tablecloth

The checked tablecloth, red and white colors, is an indispensable item for any picnic, so she can’t stay out of the children’s birthday party. You can cover the lawn with this piece and make the space more cozy with cushions.

Wicker cups

The wicker basket is traditionally used to carry the delights of picnic. At the birthday party, it’s worth betting on smaller models, to put candy and snacks. Some people prefer to use the basket to store goodies and give as a souvenir.

Table with rustic elements

The rustic elements cannot stay out of decoration, such as wooden tableware. Rather than put everything on the extended towel on the lawn, you can mount a table, valuing the rusticity of the elements, the flowers and the flaps of tissue.

Red Apples

You can arrange apples well vermelhinhas, put them in Wicker baskets and decorate the environment party’s strategic points.

Flowers of the field

Another suggestion is to resort to flowers of the field, girls and delicate, that are super charming in vases, teapots and kettles. Don’t forget to cherish the colors red and white.

Long Bank

At the party, picnic, the interesting thing is that everything is within the reach of children. If you do not have as a short table, improvise with a long seat, as shown in the image above.

Theme cake

You have questions about how to make the cake decorating? Then take a look at the image above. With fondant and a lot of creativity, create an extended towel, yams classics and even some ants “enxeridas”.


To make the event look more fun, bet on galoshes with flowers, pinwheels or pop cakes birds. That’s right! Those rubber boots that are used on rainy days. Give preference to models in the colors red or yellow.

EVA flowers

To put the snacks and sweets in the trays, don’t forget to do some EVA flowers to decorate, as shown in the picture above. Just be careful not to escape entirely from the color palette or overload the visual of the party.

Drinks corner

Arrange a old mobile and put on it the options of drinks, as well as appearing in the image. You can serve a very good strawberry juice instead of soda.

Apple biscuits

If the budget permits, order some biscuits with Apple-shaped. They contribute to the decoration of the main table and still serve as a souvenir for the guests.

Ornament for the tree

If the place of the party relying on a big tree, do not hesitate to create an ornament to decorate it. Combine scraps of fabric, as shown above, and the result will be amazing.

Picnic flatware

In the image above, we have a very beautiful and themed expose the cutlery from the picnic. Beyond the traditional chess, also try working with the pattern of poás.

Brigadier in leading scorers

These miniature picnic baskets serve to put Brigadier major and tasty, as shown above. Line each basket with a piece of plaid fabric and place the candies.

Fabric Bunting

You still have questions about how to make a pendant decoration party? Then bet on the line with banners. For making them, just provide chess print fabrics and plain fabrics in red color.

Clothesline pictures

Select the most beautiful photos of the birthday boy. Then, put them in a sort of clothesline, which can be hung on trees or in another medium.

Light fixtures and balloons

To compose pendant decoration birthday, arrange Japanese luminaires and balloons. These ornaments should be hung in the trees.


If you don’t want to leave the main table under the Sun, then mount a tent. This covered space will preserve the snacks, candy and cake.

And there? Approved the ideas for themed birthday picnic? Have any other suggestions? Comment!