Cinderellas in Red: Famous Bet on Red Shoes

What a crystal slipper, nothing. The modern Cinderellas have bet on red shoes to compose their modern and sophisticated looks.  Giovanna Antonelli , Mariana Ximenes and  Adriane Galisteu are among those who put color scarves on their feet. The footwear gives the look a point of light, especially if the other pieces were in neutral tones, such as black, white and gray. Continue reading  

Plus Size: Beautiful Dresses For Hot Brides Feel Powerful

If we do a bridal search of all styles on which is the most difficult choice of marriage I say, surely, that more than half will respond that is the choice of the dress.

There are many issues to take into account. The wedding dress should match with the personal style, with the type of ceremony and suit your physical type. In addition, she should follow current trends and above all, make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Continue reading  

6 Tips To Keep Your Suits And Blazers

How money does not grow on tree and no one thinks it’s funny when you find out your favorite suit or jacket ideal for the ballad is useless for some reason, below are some simple tips to keep your best costume:

1-The finest wool, although fresh and comfortable, wears out faster and gets old faster, so avoid carry or pass the steamer all the time to remove stains of a suit made with this material, when using a costume so be care; Continue reading  

How to Wear: White Tennis Dress Latest Trend

Hello girls, all right with you? Today we are going to talk about a cool model that has come to some time, is about wearing white tennis dress or any other color, conquered, looks beautiful, cool and sophisticated.

Using sneakers with dress you will be with a perfect look for activities like going to the mall, going to walk in the park, going to study, and going out with the guys or the boyfriend at events for the young public. Continue reading  

Mat Fashion In Xxl

Chic fashion for plus sizes: MAT FASHION-this is the brand for trendy clothing in large sizes! Mat fashion was founded by George and Sophie Moneda in 1988 in Athens. The company’s headquarters is located in Metamorfosi, located near Attiki Odos Athens-Lamia & national highway.
Its goal was and is to set new standards in the world of fashion for women. The success was not – soon became one of the world’s leading fashion brands mat. Continue reading  

In The Dressing Room: Armani Exchange

Last Saturday (26), I took a walk through the malls of São Paulo to find prom dresses–Yes, I majored in PR!–just leaving a little bit of focus and went into several stores that were in the promotion . For people with $$ left, well worth spending in Morumbi Shopping, in the floor of the brands and try several gorgeous dresses. Continue reading  

Two Dresses That Should Not Miss on Your Closet This Spring

What I like about this time of year ultimately are dresses, since when I am in search of street style I see what does look a different and very pretty girl in the City provided no doubt is to wear a dress. This spring-summer will find this garment in different colors, cuts and styles, but there are two types of basic dresses that can not miss in your closet if you are looking for is a feminine, fresh style and trend. Then I tell you how to combine them and what shoes are ideal for each of them. Continue reading  

Trends in Fashion Maternity Spring Summer 2015

It changes everything. Wind becomes a breeze, the trees flower, day stretches and finally the weather’s nice to plan outdoor activities. And then you feel liberated and renewed, wishing to get involved during the coming months, lightweight fabrics and bright colors. Spring has arrived and this year is going to be more special than ever. You feel different inside and want that to be reflected on the outside. You are pregnant… allow you to renew all your wardrobe! Continue reading  

3 Ideas of Outfits For Your Next Trip to the Beach

A trip to the beach can mean a full day at the beach, an appointment at the beach, a formal event or a wedding on the beach. An outfit appropriate for a visit to the beach should always be comfortable, fresh and light, but to protect you from the Sun’s rays; If you think that this outfit is complicated, then take a look at our list of ideas of outfits for your next trip to the beach. Continue reading  

Knitted Mesh Sweater Pattern

This beautiful cardigan knitted mesh is ideal for the spring season; its elegance allow us to wear it even in special and particular evenings, combined with evening dresses. What is needed is 400 g Jade yarn color beige, the needles n. 51/2, a crochet hook n. 5, a matching button and a knitting needle with a rounded tip. The basic size is for a 40, but in brackets you will find the numbers to make both 44, both 46. The points used are stocking st backwards, the chain, the mesh low and middle-high mesh. Let’s see how to proceed. Continue reading  

More Than 40 Black Prom Dresses

The elegance of the black to the dress has no comparison, and far from being a sad color is a color that highlights the female figure and allowing things like design, fabric and accessories be more players, it is no secret that the color can distract our attention from these little details.
But even Black color highlights your face and the maquillase and looks great in any occasion, a black dress is a Basic for us should not ignore it just by the comments that the black is a color that creates sadness, don’t miss this collection of black dresses that will make you rethink the idea of taking one or maybe more to your closet. Continue reading  

Wedding Dresses For Very Fat Women

Gorditas brides also can look splendid as flaquitas women on the special day of their wedding, today the market offers us wedding dresses with all sizes and not worry about that. Currently, there are many models of dresses for brides who will make you look spectacular no matter what body type you have.

To choose a bride for gorditas women dress then here is some details that you have to take into account. Continue reading  

Wedding Dresses For Thin Women

Fashion designers create models of wedding dresses as diverse as body and personalities there. In this way you can find the wedding dress that you’ve always dreamed of getting married, and who’ll be fabulous, because it was thought of you.

At the time of finding the wedding dress thin women have much in their favor at this time that thinness is admired, although casual dresses can be much highlighted this trait and not at all like us.

Continue reading  

Plus Size Prom Dresses

All have the right to put party and go pretty, are already pregnant, or have a size XL. Because the style and elegance is not in function of the kilos, as always, we say in Jezebel.

And although the chances of finding a for plus size party dress they are not many, there are always options, and today we are presenting them here.

Where do we find XL prom dresses? Which brands are beyond the size 42? We started by Elena Miro, the Italian brand offers a floral printed discreetly in grey and white tones. Very spring-like, perfect for the day. Continue reading