How to Use Big Earrings?

We know that change completely our visual accessories. And why the big earrings are with everything! With basic or elaborate outfits, the Moon rocks make a big difference. Nothing like a piece of effect on your ear to make the look amazing. But how to use this gadget? It’s not as hard as it sounds, diva. And to facilitate in time to mount your look, we gathered some tips to help you. Continue reading  

Hublot Fashion Show Meets Twelve Thirteen Jewelry

Hublot fashion show meets Twelve Thirteen Jewelry: The high class jewellery label twelve twelve jewelry invited during Berlin fashion week to a very special event! On the 17.01.2015 collection took place in The Pearl Club in Berlin the presentation of current jewellery city attitude, and many prominent guests spent this evening in the spirit of solidarity with the trendy jewelry label. Continue reading  

What Earrings to Wear

The choice of earrings includes many parameters, such as his own, but also her outfit, the opportunities, the shape of the face and also his age. So of course it is hard to make generalities, because we are all different and unique, but we can still see that women change their style with age and earrings follow the movement. Let’s take a ride on the side of women trends and earrings. To know what earrings to choose, follow the guide.

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Clothing for Special Occasions

You can expect some significant social event that requires Ceremony. Go to the best specialty shops, or contact the clever dressmaker. You can also try your luck in the Rental of clothing. Offer ceremonial clothes in many boutiques with maternity fashion is relatively limited.

Emphasize or hide the tummy?

Lay it for granted that even in moments when you need to look dazzling, you have to think primarily at their convenience. Most Popular in this direction cut that is tapered down over her breasts and belly, then you must hang loose blouse. Dark colors are known to look smaller, so you can choose the colors in darker shades. Conversely, if you want to highlight their maternity line, put your clothes feel tight and through them must either wear crocheted bolero with closing above the belly.

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Prada Resin Rose Earrings

We are certain that you have already noticed the new Prada earrings bon ton with roses, the delicious Prada Resin Rose that Miuccia Prada has proposed in the spring summer 2012 collection, we saw them on the catwalk, in the advertising campaign and also for sale on the official website. These earrings are beautiful but unfortunately they are also very expensive, low cost brands luck undertook to propose democratic version and (almost) just as beautiful. Continue reading