Beware, Your Future Boss Is Watching What You Do on The Networks

Companies claim to consult social networks of their (futures, especially) employees. To start: recognize that you are going to gossip is ugly, very ugly. But I read that this will seriously and ask me what, how, when and why while another line I start to castrate my Facebook make me anonymous on Twitter, to privatize my Instagram and obviously, fulminating my profile of Tinder. I what I know. Now I’m afraid. Continue reading  

French Translation of the Facebook Fold Piece Brat

Who stirs the internets for some time probably you know the tactic called Google bombing. This is a technique that uses a Google attribute to play tricks on politicians, celebrities, websites and anything else that is on the worldwide web. While I do not intend to describe the entire process, participants of nowhere mambembe 2007 BlogcampBH can confirm that it works. But this technique won a competitor to match: the translation of Facebook.
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Egyptian Government Sends Block Twitter and Facebook

The situation is tense there in Egypt. Protesters left up of government representatives, a wave of violence that has victim at least four people. To combat these people, the country’s leaders began a fierce censorship, to prevent more demonstrations are combined. Of course, the internet could not stay out of this.

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Facebook Creates Remote Logout Option

By accessing social networks, e-mails and other web pages on public computers such as Internet cafes and libraries, you need to be extra careful with your passwords. Remember not save any of them and delete cookies and cache browser after finishing. But who is forgotten (cough cough) do not always remember to do this. It was for them that Google has created and implemented a remote logout option on your service mail in 2008. And it seems that Facebook is the next to create an equal option. Continue reading  

App Center Facebook Will Distribute iOS and Android Applications

Facebook announced this week something that does not seem to have much to do with social networking: a centralized page applications. Call App Center, the page will serve to distribute the so-called “social programs” that use Facebook on the platforms Android and iOS, in addition to the application itself. The main trick is that it will redirect users to their respective stores in accordance with the platform he is using. Continue reading  

Facebook Announces Call Integration in the Video Chat

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, had announced that today would launch a “sensational news” on the social network. Interestingly he said that soon after the Google + be launched and open for some people. Shortly after this announcement announcement(!) A company source said it was an integration with Skype allowing direct video calling site. And that’s exactly what they released today. Continue reading  

Prior Google+: the Service You Want to Kick the Ass of Facebook

On the afternoon of Wednesday the Google threw open the doors invitations to Google+ for a short period of time for a people shovel could invite another. I was one of the lucky ones and I spent this morning playing in the new service, which proved to have interesting features in its release. But to have a better understanding of how it works not just watch videos or read descriptions. You need to access and tweak as much as possible.

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