A Different Touch in the Room

When it starts to seem that all the rooms are very “equal” it is time to look for those projects that have a touch, sometimes a detail, that makes us realize that there are always ways to get out of the common place.

Niches inlaid and lit on the wall, a space to “play” in that kind of winter garden…but did you notice the “camouflaged” rug? A very interesting effect. Continue reading  

Paris Themed Birthday: See Simple Ideas for Party

See how to write a simple decoration for themed party Paris, from creative ideas and delicate.

The Paris-themed birthday party is a great suggestion for those who want to escape the traditional themes inspired by characters. The party, super feminine, delicate and sophisticated, promises to please girls with all ages, especially those who are in love with fashion, beauty and tourism.

Paris is the capital of fashion and romance, so it may be a perfect inspiration for the birthday party of a girl. By organizing the event, it’s worth bringing up elements that represent the fashion world and the Parisian culture. Continue reading