Buy Less But Buy Better, The Golden Rule

Small I always wanted to be a millionaire. Now, with a little perspective I realize that what I really wanted to be was someone important, but society teach us that we have to live in big houses, driving expensive cars and spend Christmas on the beach to prove to everyone that we have had success in life. All of this under the age of 40, of course! Continue reading  

Ideas For Vintage-Style Salons

When we decorate a living room always we seek comfort, charm, quality and attributes that can be found in vintage style, that fashion has become in recent times. The halls of this style enrich the beauty and history of the old pieces with avant-garde and modern accessories, combination ideal to recreate a cozy and unique environments. Continue reading  

Decoration – Various Uses for rhe Cobogó

“Cobogó is the other element name or leaked brick. Its name comes from the initials of the surnames of three engineers: Amadeu Oliveira Coimbra, Ernest August Boeckmann and Antônio de Góis who registered the patent and the name in 1929. The cobogó is a Pernambuco invention. “(I took it from here). Continue reading  

Wall Painting in a Children’s Room-Pictures and Tips

The decoration is a very important item in any environment, this because always we intend to leave everything organized and perfect, beyond cozy, however, to be able to leave the way we want is needed the help of a professional, to help in the composition of colours and furniture, as well as all environmental organization be better looking, if you are able to hire an interior designer , enjoy and let your charming and comfortable environment at the same time. Today we’ll talk about decorating, but geared for children, through pictures and wall painting tips in nursery.

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Teak Wood Furniture

One of the best decisions to decorate your garden lies in the choice of quality materials that ensure durability and appearance over time. In this article you will find valuable tips for maintaining your Teak wood.

A true lover of your garden can only pay attention to detail, ensuring precisely the decoration from every point of view: that’s why one of the best and most natural choices that affect the outdoor furniture covers the wood.

This is a high-quality material that can give the best of themselves in various circumstances, but that fits better in an environment like that of the Garden House. Continue reading  

How To Give a Patina to Your Furniture

You are passionate about decorating? You want to give a rustic, old or vintage to your furniture? Today, you can give a patina and tend to your furniture with this article Our site where you learn how to give a patina to your furniture with ease. Just buy the primer you apply on your furniture to get the desired effect vintage. Follow these simple steps and turn your prefabricated furniture genuine antiques.

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Interior Design in White Furniture

Independently create a stylish interior of its housing is difficult, but if desired, and the presence of a bold imagination – everything is possible. If you need a win-win options for placement of pieces of furniture in the space, it is advisable to look at the white furniture, because white is harmoniously combined with all the colors, and it’s easy to beat.

White Furniture in the Living Room Interior

White furniture in the interior of the living room will look elegant and stylish background to any retro decor, wall and ceiling.

White sofas and chairs in a contrasting color, such as gray, dark beige or terracotta, create a sense of space structured, rigorous lines. It is suitable for the situation in the style of “high-tech” or “modern”. This interior can be supplemented with clear lines of shelves and cabinets, which will be executed in shades of white and have a glossy finish. To Living did not look too brutal, you can add a few pleasant, vivid detail – pillows on the sofa, under the photo, floor vases with floral compositions.

Furniture of white color on a light background of the walls create a light, airy, weightless atmosphere. It is particularly suitable for small rooms. Due to the lack of contrast between the furniture and the walls, the room will look more spacious. It is not necessary to maintain the interior of the living room in the same shade of white, it will look bland and faceless. By combining different shades, from pure white to cream, one can create a very cozy and quiet atmosphere. Upholstered furniture can be supplemented with openwork knitted cushions covers or covers from jacquard. Case furniture of white color with inserts of tinted glass perfectly fit into this interior.

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Where can I Buy Children Chairs in Netherlands?

Order kids’ chairs for the winter 2016 from Netherlands

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Furnishing 2016 and children’s chairs: cutting-edge style

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Furniture products: versatile home furniture at great prices of purchase

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Where can I Buy Children Chairs

Buy Products from Germany

Shop made in Germany and other interior design ideas

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Miraculous Ladybug Party: 15 Ideas for Decorating the Birthday

Check out inspirational ideas for decorating with Miraculous theme.

The Miraculous Ladybug Party has everything for success among children. The theme is usually chosen by girls, aged between 4 and 9 years. Check out some really good ideas of decoration to put into practice in children’s birthday. Continue reading