Signature Luxury Watches Tag Heuer also Wants His Smartwatch

The presentation of the Apple Watch is the touch of necessary care to seriously rethink the smartwatch

Apple’s entry into the world of the smartwatch was the wake-up call they needed many companies to seriously rethink this new technology category. Previously occurred with mobile phones and conventional manufacturers, none believed that the iPhone could become a serious rival expel them so comfortable that position they occupied in the market. And finally it happened.

Now, with the lesson learned, many traditional watchmakers do not want to see its market share reduced by the incursion of technology into the world of watch companies. Only one week after the presentation of Apple Watch, the CEO of Tag Heuer has spoken with a Swiss newspaper about his own plans for the creation of a smartwatch and how this will have nothing to do with the device presented by Apple.

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Google’s Build-Yourself-Phone Allows You to Upgrade on the Go

Project Ara seems to be extremely interesting, and the latest about the phone is that it can be switched off without turning off.

Samlesæts phone Project Ara is not yet on the market, but it has been known for a while. The latest about Ara-the phone is that it is not necessary to turn it off in order to switch a module out. It told Project Ara-boss Paul Eremenko.

Only the monitor and Cpu will not be able to be swapped without Project Ara-phone to be turned off first, otherwise you have free rein. It says it on the holidays and need a better camera in your phone, so it is just clicking the old of if you have put one on, and then put a new one on.

The same applies to the battery, if you just want to watch the movie on your phone skills, but are not near an electrical outlet. Out with the old and in with the new, even though you probably will not have to wait too long with this replacement. Continue reading  

Doro Will Build Bridges with Liberto 820

Swedish Doro is ready with a new smartphone that has targeted the elderly segment, and the focus is on job security.

Doro Liberto 820 is the latest smartphone from the Swedish manufacturer Doro, targeting its phones for the elderly population. Doro Liberto 820 comes with a number of features that should make mobile everyday life easier and more comfortable for older people.

The new phone is the first in the market that has has a panic button on the back. With the user can dial a predetermined contact, which also gets a GPS position, as can be seen on Google Maps. Continue reading  

Google+ Gets More Space in the Pages of Orkut

If the Orkut still exist? Of course there is! Although suffering from semitotal abandonment now that Google makes every effort to Google+ social network, one that was invented to bring “social” to the web as a whole. To complete this picture, the team that develops new tools for old social network warned this week that some Google+ features will pop up in the pages of Orkut. Continue reading  

Google Launches Tool to Integrate Orkut to Google+

With a longer delay than expected, Google released on Tuesday (29) a tool that allows users to the old Orkut connect their profiles to Google+. In June 2011, during the launch of Google+, the web giant said that would “integrate features” of its new service to the old site, but this is the first move to integrate the two networks somehow.

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Google Docs Gets New Discussion Tool

With the release of the document editing service Google Docs, also came included collaboration feature, imported directly from Writely, a company that Google bought. Different users of the service could access a document and make changes to any part of it. Over the years, this feature has been refined and also won a confused feedback system. Today this system has been improved and is finally decent enough.
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Orkut and Google+ Will Continue to Exist Simultaneously, Says Engineering Chief at Google Developer Day 2011

Nine in the morning. It is usually at this time that much programmer decides to go to bed after an intense night of code and more code. This Friday, in São Paulo, at nine o’clock a horde of developers waiting anxiously for one of the most anticipated events of web and technology.

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Google Says Chinese Government Has Blocked Gmail in the Country

Even need to maintain a presence in the market with the highest number of active users in the world, Google has already challenged the Chinese government to stop censoring results in research. This, among other actions, made ​​Google services suffer constant blockages in the territory. But the fight took another step yesterday when the service e-mail Google was blocked, and this time the government made ​​a little more than just prevent access. Continue reading  

Google Analytics Integrates Blogger

I had the impression that Blogger had stopped in time. Surprisingly, occasionally the Google also launched new to the blog management service that no one else uses. This week was the turn of the company put a system of analysis and statistics for all users of Blogger / And something tells me that I’ve seen this functionality elsewhere…

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Google Adds Virtual Keyboard to Local Sites

Means that on the low, the Google started adding virtual keyboards to their local search sites. When opening the Russian Google, for example, the user will have the box looking normal. However, after you do an initial search and get a results page, something totally new will appear next to the button search: an icon that triggers the virtual keyboard. Continue reading  

Offline Access to Google Docs Must End on May 3

On Monday the Google presented a series of updates to Google Docs, and as expected the new version of the web giant’s suite of offices must give access offline Google Gears in late trading standard HTML 5. But despite the new technology does not have a date for release, the current disconnected service access system should end on the 3rd of May. Continue reading  

Europeans Will Have a Special Version of Google

The Google reached an agreement with the European Commission, the equivalent of our Cade, that will change the way the browser works in the bloc. Among several awards, Google will now display the results of competitors in prominent spaces. The decision was made ​​on Wednesday (5) before a packed Commission executives who have thought to apply a fine that could reach 5 billion euros.

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