Future Bike Lights

Lights for bicycle of the future

Visibility is one of the major concerns of the rider in it comes to security. A good equipment and good for bike lights will make you more visible to other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists, and also to improve your visibility. But let’s not kid ourselves. Aesthetics and modernity also concern us, so we have compiled more modern for bike lights and cool that we have found in various parts of the world. I anticipate what will be trend in a few years in this area, from bicycle led lights, up lights for bicycle mountain, city, etc.

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Fishing Applications

Fishing Journal

Price: Free-Download And Installation

The Daily fishing application allows users to have all the information of each day of fishing, it acts as a record of the daily work of a fisherman in which it will display the information along with photographs of the catches that have been made during the day, As a marine GPS, collects data along with the location where you have been fishing. Continue reading  

Smartphone with Compass App

By compass app for smartphones There are all shapes and sizes, so that in the end it all comes down to choices based on criteria that may seem frivolous-what is right the icon in the drawer, as the graphic fits in with the look of the OS, and things like that. If you have a smartphone Android recently, based on Marshmallow or Lollipop, that exploits the graphics so-called “stock”- Material Design created by Google, to be clear-this Compass (fanciful name, by the way) developed by Polish Lightning Software could be one of the most interesting candidate.

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Best Exercise Equipment for Running

The practice of running on trails seduced every day new practitioners. Running in nature is in fact a guarantee of new sensations! Attention however to ensure the quality of the equipment not to know of serious mishaps. See our tips for choosing the right equipment trail!

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Doro Will Build Bridges with Liberto 820

Swedish Doro is ready with a new smartphone that has targeted the elderly segment, and the focus is on job security.

Doro Liberto 820 is the latest smartphone from the Swedish manufacturer Doro, targeting its phones for the elderly population. Doro Liberto 820 comes with a number of features that should make mobile everyday life easier and more comfortable for older people.

The new phone is the first in the market that has has a panic button on the back. With the user can dial a predetermined contact, which also gets a GPS position, as can be seen on Google Maps. Continue reading