Earpod: Website Reveals What’s inside the Apple Headphones

Let’s face it: Apple headphones have always been associated with a reasonable cost-benefit ratio – but in terms of quality, the peripheral has never gone far beyond “at least it works.”But Apple intends to change that stigma with the new EarPod.Well, what’s new there in addition to the name?This is what the ifixit site decided to find out.

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Headphones The Dash of Bragi: First Impressions

In the years that I’ve been writing about technology, few times I found a very interesting product as the headphones The Dash of the German company Bragi. Although there are several words that can describe them, such as compact, design, surprise or discretion, which best describes them perhaps this. Sexy.

It’s a product that generated much expectation when you receive it, but whose initial experience more than anything that you had in mind. These are the first impressions we have had with the headphones Bragi The Dash.  Continue reading  

Best In-Ear Headphones on the Market

We are presenting the best in-ear headphones on the market, after testing the most outstanding models according to consumers but also brands. At the end we finished with a list of small sea but we’ve already got two favorite you’ll see mentioned throughout the article.

Even though we love the sound and the bass of the large and giant headphones over-ear, there are some situations where they simply tend to cause more problems the advantages contributing. Why we we opted to offer you a list with the best ariculares in-ear.

Now you’re in the gym, traveling or just hanging out, sometimes just want something more compact, something that you not despite, or perhaps a few sweat-proof headphones. With these qualities, you’re talking about exactly what you offer a few in-ear.

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