Wall Stickers with Characters That Children Love!

Now that Katherine has reached three years of age, we are thinking of changing your room décor. References to the world of babies left behind and what attracts at the moment are the cartoon characters, movies and books. Still don’t define ourselves by some Princess, fairies, or even by Peppa Pig, but I’m looking for ideas for the new look of the room. One thing however is certain: it has to be easy to apply (so that I can do-which means lower cost – and without generating mess – because there is no condition of removing the small room for reform).

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Children’s Fashion, Furniture and Decoration

The BEST OF my 8 favorite shops for babies and kids. A shopping guide that leaves nothing to be desired in children’s rooms and wardrobes.

With my pregnancy my purchase behavior has changed completely. On the one hand you do not have any desire to go shopping any longer with a growing belly. On the other hand, it is so incredibly much more fun to look for great children’s clothing or to find new decoration accessories for the children’s room. Continue reading  

Everyday Textiles Shop Online without Stress via Subscription

Do you even know that? The annoying and time-consuming shopping everyday textiles in crowded shops? You have holes in your socks and urgently need replacement? You know exactly what you need, the required size or color is but just then not in stock? For this, there is finally a solution.

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Hilarious Stickers for Babies’ Rooms!

Decorating is detailing. Not only with the eyes, but with the special affection dedicated to each environment.Decorating is caring at home.And, rather than thinking about the loving ways you will give more life to your space, do it in an environment that is about to receive or receive the most beloved person in the world: your baby.Yes, today we will talk about the importance of decorating baby rooms , but we attend to a particular detail, wall stickers.

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Floral Prints on the Decoration

How about changing the look of the house in the spring mood?

The floral prints are versatile, romantic and vintage. Inside the house, they guarantee a romantic and sophisticated vintage air, that goes back to the past. They can be used in several rooms in the home, especially in those dedicated to relaxation. But when it comes to applying, care needs to be taken to fit the rest of the decor. See tips:

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Decoration of Walls: 5 Creative Ideas

Has white walls in your House in need of color and vitality? See how the custom with the next decorating suggestions of walls!

Decorating walls can be a way to customize our home in our image and, thus, make it unique, original and modern. The imagination is the limit and, nowadays, we can easily find various economic materials that make this option even more feasible. Learn what our suggestions of creative ideas for decorating walls with the next tips.

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4 Creative Ideas to Decorate the Walls

There is no doubt that in a house with children, the children’s room is the place where the decoration can fly very far!The fantasy rolls loose in the head of the children and nothing better than their corner be prepared to let the imagination to invent great stories of good and bad, princesses and enchanted princes and many others.

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Wall Tattoo Polka Dots and Stars

Spot Landing – Polka Dots as a wall decoration

Looking for a change of scenery?Maybe some more color to the wall or new pictures hang?Especially women often have the need to decorate their four walls and refresh something.And since the walls dominate the living space, something has to be changed.Whatever is more modern and trendy are the slightly different wall decorations like wallstickers and wall tattoos.This not only eliminates the elaborate renovation, painting or buying new pictures and posters.This type of wall decoration is perhaps the most versatile and varied way to transform the apartment into something new.Meanwhile, every trend is reflected in wall tattoos and wall stickers . Continue reading  

Wall Decoration Coffee and Tea

Beautiful wall tattoos coffee or tea!

Stylish and beautifully designed wall tattoos on coffee and tea!
You like tea and / or coffee and would like to try a new type of wall decoration? Then get to know Wandtattoo Coffee or Wandtattoo Tee!
Wall tattoos are now available in many shapes and colors and the theme of enjoyment has been taken up with the wall decoration coffee or tea.You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, coffee or tea varieties, as well as fonts, and simply conjure your favorite drink to the wall and bring new whistles into your kitchen or living room.The tattoos are inexpensive, robust and easy to apply and replace. Continue reading  

Wall Tattoo with Swarovski Crystals

Wall tattoo with Swarovski crystals

Wandtattoos are a wonderful idea to decorate your own home individually and impressively.If you are also of this opinion and also have a taste for all things that glitter, then you might consider a wall tattoo with Swarovski.Such a wall tattoo is not only a special design element, but it also brings color into the home – in a girlish way. Continue reading  

Wall Stickers and Wall Art

Welcome back friends!

You will never feel unsatisfied by viewing a room in your home? You never want to revolutionize the environment or add a special that would give character and style? Never seen a wall strips down and consider how you might decorate it?

I you. I hate anonymous environments and “clean”, so that in my house I didn’t want to just one room with walls totally white. White is a color that

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Bundesliga with Walltattoos Football

No residential solution is as flexible and individual as wall tattoos.They enrich the living quarters and create an ultimate residential feel.Especially in children’s and youth rooms, wall sticker and tattoos are a nice change – which no longer pleases, is simply taken off again.And another advantage is hidden in the classy decors: they are reusable and can be detached from the wall without residue and without damaging the ground. Continue reading  

Garden Decoration

They have always amazed me those spectacuther English gardens with their rock, their hedges, small roads and where the flower bed look alike now is autumn, winter, summer or spring. And is destroyed vases, I’ve always been a nullity in the subject of the thendscaping.

A garden is the Letter of a House and their owners. We see wonderful gardens that just have a flower and however take advantage of shrubs, fountains or ponds in corners with charm, rose gardens of film or a short walk from fruit trees. Those wonderful ptheces carry back the hand of a thendscaper. Continue reading  

Wall Sticker For the Girls’ Children’s Room

Wall sticker: Children’s room for girls

Children grow and surprise their parents every day with new skills.That they have just developed new interests, we notice very quickly how they play the nursery.The tastes, the childish heroes and the playing habits change with age.So it happens that a children’s room is also subject to constant change.At first it is filled with dolls and plush toys, until one day a computer is adjusted.For this reason parents always strive to provide a suitable outfit for the Spieloase at home.The walls are great for storing space for stimulating decorative elements.As an insider tip are now very beloved wallstickers in the nursery . Continue reading  

Wall Stickers Geometric Shapes

The bare walls of your home do not give you peace, and are looking for ideas to decorate them?

Think about how much it was tiring to paint every wall of the House, maybe even using special techniques to get the much-needed: and how, after every mistake, cost time and effort cover everything. Also think about the wallpaper sometimes Yes nice, but with that heavy impact and often a little overwhelming of the houses used to be.

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Scripture Keyword Wall Clock

If You Regret The Wasted Time, Wasted It Just More

Time to show the best; what is important in life and who does not. Love is always a full-time, not part-time, sometimes not, and certainly not only when it suits you. There is always time, if you just want to. It is not a question of whether a period of time, take the time to do-various thing then there’s wishes. Time does not wait, but sometimes it drives past.

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