Report: New Google Smartphones Should No Longer Be Nexus Devices

Even years ago this step was prophesied again and again, now the end of the Nexus series is supposed to be imminent. Android Silver, Google Play Edition, there were already some real and partial solutions to replace the Nexus series over a longer period of time, to ultimately bring a smartphone series similar to the Apple iPhone to the start. Google now wants to take the plunge, the new Android smartphones*, which one developed together with HTC, are no longer called Nexus. Continue reading  

HTC UK: Android 5.1 for One M9 Available in August

Updated August 3: Graham Wheeler, Product and Service Director at HTC, has confirmed today via Twitter that 5.1 to deploy the update to Android to HTC One M9 will kick off tomorrow (August 4) in EMEA (including our country). Only a few more hours to install the long-awaited update, according to a statement by the Manager. We await confirmation by HTC also Italy to determine whether Italy is within Nations that immediately will be able to download the update.

HTC Uk has recently stepped in on topic strongly felt by users in possession of top range One M9— the release date in the European market of ‘update to Android 5.1. The company has confirmed via Twitter that the commencement of distribution is set generically for the month of August. Continue reading  

HTC One M9

LlabTooFeR, besides being a valuable leaker, always well informed on the happenings of the taiwanese manufacturer, is also a developer who pays special attention to smartphones HTC, developing special custom ROMs. Try new tools software releases prior to the opening of the

Today comes the new ROM MaximusHD update for HTC One M9 passing to version 6.0. Anew base 2.10.401.1 with update characterised by the combination between Android 5.1 and custom UI Sense 7.0, as the previous 2.07.401.1 5.0 version of integrated MaximusHD. Continue reading