Chanel Trends for Fall!

Where Karl Lagerfeld announces a new parade, the curiosity of the fashionistas go to the top! And the last was no different. At the very end of last year the CHANEL presented your collection Métiers d’art Pre-Fall 2014/15 and the instead of the parade was somewhat unusual:Dallas, Texas (USA). But you must be wondering: why Texas? That was exactly where in the years 50, in the post-war period, that Coco Chanel went back to the top of fashion on behalf of its clients multimillion-dollar Texian. In 1957, Chanel was received by the President of Neiman Marcus, an upscale department store chain, and awarded a prize for your contribution to the fashion universe! With the theme Paris-Dallas, the inspirations for the Fall 2014 could not be different: the world of cowboys and native Americans, with fringes (muiiitas fringes), chess, leather, jeans, knit, riding boots and hats. Yiiipppuuu … seguraaaaa peãooooo! kkkkkkk Continue reading  

How to Wear: Women’s Everyday Wear

The feminine suit is part of the life of those who need to work with social clothing every day, but today it became a fashion option to walk! In 2017 collections of brands such as Balmain and Balenciaga, he gained prominence and came conquering also with it girls looks. And although the term is not the most correct, since the “original” suit is composed of three pieces, including the vest, today it is already popularly known to call so the only set of jacket and social pants in the same color and fabric. Continue reading  

Plus Size Mode

Magermodels were yesterday – the woman of today is wearing curves!And with pride and self-confidence!With trendy plus size fashion, the female forms can also be skillfully put into the scene.

Today’s trends and styles do not have to be abandoned by women, because beyond the size 40 you will also find attractive plus size fashion, which emphasizes your feminine curves and makes you happy and self-assured. Continue reading  

How to Use Leggings Like Celebrities

Leggings are one of the most comfortable and popular pieces in the women’s wardrobe, so maybe the phrase “how to wear leggings” appears so much in google’s searches that we always have a question or another when setting up a production with this piece, so the fashion top fashion made a selection of looks inspired by celebrities and street style, with tips to help you choose the right legging and mount ragged productions, check it out: Continue reading  

Where To Use The Pocket Handkerchief Beyond The Jacket

Fashion is constantly trying to reinvent itself, and it is curious to note that the work of designers is not yielding news impacting ourselves we use our creativity to generate new elements or use the old in a different way. In recent times we have noticed here at Male Channel a recurring trend of using that same scarf that was coupled to the pocket of the suit or blazer to adorn the most different garments, casual shirt to sport coat! Continue reading  

Kylie Jenner Wore the Most Oversized Jacket in the World!

The girl is not saving in the fashionable looks during the NYFW

New York Fashion Week is rolling this week and the It girls are marking attendance at the fashionable events that happen in the city. And, of course, Kylie Jenner is out there, accompanying the parades of her favourite brands and watching sister Kendall Jenner raze the runway. And, look, we can say that the girl is not saving in the looks! It exchanges production several times a day and some of them are waaaay bold! Continue reading  

Background and Facts of Marlene Pants Marlene Pants

Marlene pants got its name from the actor and singer Marlene Dietrich. This pants model was however already very much worn by women in the Golden twenties.At that time it belonged to the most popular garments for ladies. Let’s get to the bottom, how these casual woman pants developed to the absolute favourite particle of 20s of ladies and why just this pants model in the women world a furore so much today. Continue reading  

Asos Men Goes Plus Size! Jersey Bomber Times Times Chic, Sporty

Sometimes come the great info without real fanfare… Beginning of December ASOs has its plus size collection for men launched! For me the absolute hammer-news, but so far still not a great big deal about was made. I think ASOs wants to first test the whole thing and see how it goes… then the theme will be promoted even more. Now the point of “Big sizes” had crept in anyway, in the menu of the shops quietly. Continue reading  

Guide to Leather Jackets

I am very happy to present you a basic part. Today it is a true classic. The leather jacket for men. The leather jacket is available forever for rebellion and inadequacy. Punk, rocker, musician and co. wear leather jackets to bring this to the expression. It is a part of their lifestyles. Since time immemorial, the leather jacket applies to men as the epitome of casual and rock looks. Continue reading  

This Week’s Outfit-Quilted Jacket

This week’s outfit is clearly influenced by southern European style. A sporty elegant attire that does not hold any advanced colour matches or mod targets stone for the fall. The key words are rather bare and simple.

Blazer Hickey (Approximately $4520)-Concept Quilted Jacket sounds completely absurd. However, I cannot help but think that this is actually really neat. A sporty hybrid between Blazer and jacket should be worn with the same stylistic confidence Italians often present. A perfect option for both autumn and spring jacket. Continue reading  

Look Of The Day For Girl Plus Size

Hello, beauties!

What about your week going?

The mine quite well, is preparing for the next few weeks, in which I will be attending the gala to choose representatives Asturian Miss & Mister Cosmos, which will take place on March 25 in Soto del Barco. In addition at this gala, I’ll be jury, and it makes me very excited to be a part of it all! Soon after, it will also eating the Gijón Fashion Show where I’ll be going back and forth one more time.And a few weeks later, we will have the Oviedo Fashion Week. I love these dates! I love when we find so many events related to fashion, here in Asturias. Continue reading