How to Wear: White Tennis Dress Latest Trend

Hello girls, all right with you? Today we are going to talk about a cool model that has come to some time, is about wearing white tennis dress or any other color, conquered, looks beautiful, cool and sophisticated.

Using sneakers with dress you will be with a perfect look for activities like going to the mall, going to walk in the park, going to study, and going out with the guys or the boyfriend at events for the young public. Continue reading  

Jersey T-Shirt Men, to Inspire!

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? 🙂 One more week starting here in male fashion, one more week starting with Inspiration, there’s good stuff, huh haha and to highlight a few more items that are part of the wave Athleisure, lifestyle sports embedded in our daily lives, this time I talk about Jersey T-shirt! Closely linked to sports, this model of open Shirt with buttons has appeared a few times on here, but it was time to renew the tips haha So bora pro post now if you connect in the Inspirations to wear the shirt Jersey?  Continue reading  

5 Rides For You To Wear Jeans Sweatpants


Who does not love to walk around wearing comfortable clothes and still look wonderful for the occasion? Now a new option of clothing has appeared for the casual looks, sweatshirt or jogger jeans. They are made with comfortable materials of sweater or similar and have an elastic at the ankle leaving the legs more slack and beautiful. There are many places where you can wear comfortable clothes and still look stylish. Here are some tips on places to wear this type of women’s jeans. Continue reading  

Jeans in Pregnancy: Tips for Using

Although many people think jeans tissue is not suitable for pregnant women, these parts can be used quietly, during pregnancy. Today, are very common with lycra pants that adapt to the body, without tightening it too much. Of course, one can’t help thinking in cases where the woman gets fat enough, in all parts of the body. In this case, you need to have more attention as a jeans can annoy enough. The fact is that there are many models of jeans for pregnant women, if they want to keep using the play, but renewing the wardrobe. You can also continue to use a piece that the pregnant woman already has, if measures of your legs haven’t changed much. Continue reading  

What Is the Correct Height of the Jeans?

The prime directive for the use of men’s jeans is that the bar didn’t let the end the leg all piled up, marked and soaked, because the sensation of shortening the silhouette is immediately beyond the impression of neglect that a play badly hit the body leaves the observer, i.e. the opposite of what one wishes to wear a jeans! Continue reading  

Men’s Social Shirt without Mysteries, Check out the Tips

The masculine social shirt is a piece that occupies almost half of your body, the top, the most visible and important socially. That’s why the men’s social shirt deserves a good presentation and a special caprice, because it draws attention and signals its cleanliness to itself. There are several types of social shirts, which vary the type of collar, buttons, colors, fabrics, sleeve size and wrist type.

Continue reading  

A Life Without Jeans – Possible But Senseless

It inspires the fashion world like hardly any other garment and is equally popular with men and women: the jeans. At least one variant of the popular beige dress can be found in every wardrobe. No wonder, because jeans are not the same jeans, and so far everyone has found the right model according to his taste. They are available as classic blue jeans or with different ablutions, in short or long, tight fit or wide. By the way, a large proportion of the German women (68%) prefer the loose-cut variant in the men’s world. Not for nothing, the boyfriend jeans, which are so popular with the ladies, which are oriented to the men jeans, fall out extra-wide. Continue reading  

Wardrobe: Trousers

It’s a while since we began our series the closet, intended as a knowledge-base for those who want to build a good basic wardrobe.Since a basic wardrobe is something you should feel at home in, and include pieces that you can combine into many diverse ensembles differ of course preferences apart from person to person. Our basic wardrobe is therefore directed towards casual wear for ordinary people and even though not all suits you we still hope it will be an aid in the construction of your wardrobe. Continue reading  

Guide to Winter Boots

Many parts of Germany have already seen the first snow in this winter and also Frost there already. So it’s time to equip themselves with warm winter shoes. Snow-covered paths, smooth roads and wet sidewalks are everyday challenges, must withstand a winter shoe.In addition, the new boat for the winter should be warm too and look good. How does man now so find the right boots? Continue reading