Beads Splendour in the Middle Ages

Pomp has been becoming very popular with those who could -afford him, and thought to have to make the even. The bold – as Karl not especially contributed politically and personally with blessed luck – the Reichstag to Trier 1475 an encrusted garment that would be worth two million euros by today’s standards about.Generally, this seemed to be a year of splendor. The splendor of beads on festive occasions such as the “Landshut wedding” was indescribable. The involved families of George the rich and King Casimir of Poland was a veritable battle of the jewelry. Other Royal houses outdone himself with pearls of pearl jewelry. Since it is difficult to believe that the real heyday of Pearl art began in this country much earlier. Continue reading  

The No! a Graduation

By Ana Sofia Mendoza | What with what

Approaching the season of graduations, and tod@s will already have in mind the outfit that make them feel like Star on red carpet, whether your role is stellar (bone the graduad @) or secondary (therapist @) I have the If but above all the not < /B12 > so aren’t in “the list of worst l@s vesti@s” which j. Lo in the Oscars or Beyonce in the Met gala. Continue reading  

Get the Jewelery that Will Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Life can sometimes be fantastic.You can relax in the open air, sunbathe in the bright sun and let yourself be greeted by a gentle sea breeze over the face.In addition a colorful tropical cocktail and some fresh pineapple.Now have a little look over the snow-white sandy beach and …. you wake up.Oh crap, again just a daydream.There is a sun here and there.Only somehow grad not now.Warm temperatures? Wrong!And the next vacation is still far away or has been far too long back.What you can do now, I’d like to tell you today.Because with the right jewelry you will wear the South Seas Feeling in gray rainy days. Continue reading  

Sexiness In Body Jewelry Chain: A New Style Statement You Should Try

body chains are not new, they’ve been around for a long time, however, it is only in the recent past, with the likes of Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities that robust attachment found your fame. Here’s a look at how to doll up and balance the body chain, fashion for any occasion and event, and throughout the year it too! And mind you, body chains are one of the more fashionable jewelry for the summer of 2015. Continue reading  

Wedding Dress Classic

The wedding dress classic is certainly a dress in A line. This cut is so popular that you can see it for many years on many weddings. An A-line dress looks similar too, like a princess-style wedding dress. It has a beautiful neckline and a wide skirt, which is usually exhibited with a frost skirt in addition. Once in a lifetime, feel like a princess, women often dream of a lifetime. With the wedding dress classic this dream can be fulfilled. Continue reading  

How to Choose the Right Supplier For Your Jewelry

Any experienced entrepreneur knows that the success (or failure) of their business is directly related to the trust and services provided by their suppliers.
Without offering quality products for a fair price, there is a good chance that your jewelry store is on its way.Fortunately, the internet is able to provide many options these days, meeting and adapting to the needs of each type of business. Continue reading  

How to Open a Jewelry Trade

Have you ever thought about opening a jewelry trade? Nowadays wear beautiful jewelry is synonymous with refinement and sophistication. Only the wealthiest carry the best necklaces, earrings, rings, beads, bracelets and other accessories, this business has become very profitable from investment in research, technology, customer service and some details. Continue reading  

Fashion Jewelry Times Differently

Fashion jewelry is one of the accessories that probably not a woman desires to renounce. Usually it is in the normal fashion jewelry usually cheap imitation of real pieces that cost only a fraction of the original price. Now, however, there are fashion jewelry, which is a credit to his name, because it really is jewellery and who is also trendy. But also not quite so inexpensive, such that what is offered in numerous boutiques in every pedestrian.

Continue reading  

DIY: Dragonfly Necklace

Create a necklace with matching earrings from pearls and metal elements: Let us show you how! The delicate dragonfly jewelery, a necklace with matching earrings, hasdeliberately designed.

You need a dragonfly jewelery set:
Necklace (Meterware)
Toggle Closure
Rivet (min. 4cm long)
Ear hooks
Metal element with 2+1 eyelets
3 flat Howlith beads (12 mm)
3 Dragonflies of metal (17.5mm long) Continue reading  

Anklet for Ladies

Many women ask about wearing the anklet. What is the significance of the anklet, anklet for women round on what occasion I wear, is that it’s vulgar? Well it’s not vulgar to the contrary! And all women can wear them, thin, round, small … it’s a gem for us all, anklet is always in fashion! So to answer the question, an anklet for women round , especially YES! For the meaning of the anklet, do not worry, the pictures on this jewel thing of the past! Continue reading  

Mother’s Day – Jewelry As a Gift Idea

Just in time for mother’s day, Twelve Thirteen Jewelry introduces the Love Collection . Thanks for everything MOM! Find here flamboyant and playful jewelry for mother’s day no matter whether as a small token or symbolic link between you and your mother: you make something very special this day with a piece of jewelry by twelve thirteen. To the online shop! Continue reading  

14/15 Autumn Winter Jewelry Collection

The new autumn winter jewellery collection 14/15 by Twelve Thirteen Jewelry is now available – the motto is: City attitude! The summer is over – and autumn arrives with great strides. But it has also positive sides. Winter autumn 14/15 may be worn again more jewelry, darker, more intense colors are great, and one of our absolute favorite colors is on the new season: Gold! Our Designer Ben and Farid have subsided in the stuff and collection created a winter autumn 14/15, that based on current trends and is still unique. The twelve thirteen style at the pulse of time. There are modern, exclusive colours and a few new features for the trained eye of twelve-thirteen – one may be curious! Continue reading  

Natural Beauty – Jewelry Collection

Natural beauty – the twelve thirteen collection is just in time for the summer in a new light. Hand-selected gems were thereby transformed into the trendiest summer colors of natural beauties. Discover everything about the new line of jewellery and the new design of the company here and enjoy the new gemstone bracelets enchant. Continue reading  

About Akoya Pearls

The Importance of Japan

The image that takes shape in the minds of consumers and jewelers, when they think of pearls, is very similar to that of the Akoya Pearls In Japan. Nowadays, there are many other qualities of cultured pearls that surprise us with a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes that make them unique. Despite this, the Akoya pearls turn out to be the most popular and are a product that must not fail completely in the assortment of those involved in the sale of pearls. Their popularity, however, is not surprising given that it was the first spherical beads obtained from pearl cultivation process (of xxmo century). Since then the Japanese farmers have not stopped the progress of pearl farming, managing to win a large share of the world market. Continue reading  

Make a Necklace with Beads

Today a Guest Blog by our site, the jewelry designer by Pearl factory. She shows how she does your beautiful and unusual pieces of jewelry.
Here a complete work-in-progress!


You need:
-Felt up to max 2 mm thick or Lacy’s Stiff Stuff
-Seed beads size 11/0
-Velvet (our site velvet)
-Perlonfaden of the thickness of 0, 15 mm
-Semi-precious stones, snails, etc.
-Paper, beads needle, pencil, scissors, glue

-Bead embroidery
-our site Continue reading  

Tips for Jewelry Care

You should deal with jewelry pieces gently. You need an appropriate care, so that its surface is not damaged and its beauty is maintained. At the sport, once you go swimming or showering, you should take before the jewelry. House or garden work should also be done without jewelry, because doing such gems can suffer unnecessary damage, although they have a tremendous hardship. Also when washing your hands or the use of perfume or creams it is better to place the jewelry before or afterwards to create. Possible residues can be removed carefully with warm water, SOAP or cosmetics. Subsequent careful drying of the jewels is important to avoid water spots. To the care and polishing jewelry special wipes are available.

We have years of enjoyment at his jewelry

High-quality polishing & care cloth for silver jewelry PF0001

Polished 925 Silver ring 4 mm cubic zirconia R8538cz

High-quality gold & silver care cream with sponge PF0003 Continue reading  

Anklets Tinker with Elastic Wire

It’s almost so far; Summer is here! Time for vacation and to enjoy the sea and the Sun. In the evening if it stays long bright, you can stay out long sit. What fits there perfectly to your summer outfit? An own homegrown anklets in great colors!

An Anklet is quickly made and you need not many beads to. Threaded on Elastdraht it is also simple. Actually, this is also particularly handy wire. Then you can turn the anklets quickly and again to set. It is important that you do not swim with their anklets. The salty water of the sea and also chlorinated swimming pool water are bad for the beads. Especially the natural materials can be quickly destroyed. Of course, beads should not rust. Continue reading