Lighting Projects for the Luminale

Can be searched again lighting projects and ideas, 2012 issued on the Luminale.

For ten years, the Luminale accompanied the light+building fair every two years. She has establish themselves with last 140,000 visitors (2010) as the Biennale of light culture international. The Luminale makes the evening program for around 180,000 visitors of at light + building. Continue reading  

Who Is It for?

The flashlight is a tool for anyone wishing to take a light source with it, whether at home, in nature or at his place of work.
It is an object of daily use which proves its practicality in many circumstances and can be a great help in a situation of distress or danger, it is accessible to all.
These objects are over-the-counter. Continue reading  

Top 10 Flashlight Applications

A few weeks ago, we were echoing these Flash Player applications that were spying on users.These are always present on the store of Google while doing that when one has a vital need of light while his smartphone does not have a function assigned by default?Our top 10 will remedy this dilemma by offering 10 certified apps without abusive permissions. Continue reading  

Learn All About The LED Lamp

Since 2010, incandescent bulbs are leaving the shelves of markets. Gradually, the bulbs of 100 watts, 150 and 200 were banned. In early July, came the time of 60 watts. The measure, to adjust consumption in the country energy efficiency program, let the consumer the options of fluorescent lights and the LED (Light Emitting Diode). Continue reading  

Westwing Guide Tochildren’s Tablelamps

A children’s room is not a mere room for the comfort of your children. After all, for them, a delicate decorative touch is enough to give wings to the imagination of the child, turning rooms into entire kingdoms or the final of a football championship. Investing in a custom style for the taste of them is very important, just as some items are essential to their well-being, such as a child’s bedside lamp. Continue reading  

6 Tips for Wedding Lighting

Discover how to use the lights on wedding decoration, creating a romantic lighting, cozy and charming.

Check out Tips for wedding lighting. Leave the bright space is key criterion for the success of the event. Only in this way will the bride and groom can conquer the satisfaction of guests and an album full of lovely pictures.

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Review: OSRAM “GLOWdim Filament” LED Light – Nice Try

Actually offers the new OSRAM/Ledvance – LED-“Pear” called “GLOWdim filament E27 7W” also in the measuring laboratory about what the manufacturer promises: “Fadenlampen” technique for retro fans, combined with continuously variable color temperature spread between around 2700 and 1700 Kelvin, a color rendering index of significantly over RA 80 and slightly more than 750 lumens light output. The first impression of the light color – shows supported by an amazing colour measurement why this “classic A 55” model from the first batch is still no adequate replacement of light bulbs. Continue reading  

Better Light, Lower Costs: Axro Warehouse Lights Now With Maxos LED

AXRO has used consistently and extensively on LED: the Hamburg-based company, which operates a classic shipping and warehouse with two adjacent office space within the framework of its logistics concept, was able to significantly increase not only the quality of the light, but also its energy consumption dramatically reduce. Continue reading