How to Make Homemade Bicycle Lights

The bike lights are very important for safety reasons, both for you and for those around you. When night falls the only way, or at least the best, to know that there is a person and their location. In this article from a, we show you how to make bicycle home lights so that they can be installed by you.

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Inmetro’s Certificate is Required for LED Light Bulbs

LED lamps have been increasingly gaining popularity and winning the space that previously belonged to fluorescent.

The advantages are very significant. They are more economical, do not emit heat, are durable and contribute to the sustainable energy consumption. Continue reading  

Full Kit Flashlight Spotlight Fenix LD75 C 4200

The new edition of the Fenix ​​LD75 C flashlight reaches the limit of maximum illumination for a spotlight!Everything is orchestrated by 4 LEDs CREE XM-L2 (U2) of white light reaches impressive 4200 lumens of maximum power, it also has 4 colored LEDs of the colors Red Green Blue and White Economical.The mirrored and polished reflector carries all this lighting power and amplifies the beam distance to 490 meters, competing with competing strong portable spotlights.Fenix’s high quality standard and practical design, the new LD75 C is one of the best spotlights for hunters, campers and emergency teams in the world.

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Why Put LED Bulbs in My Company

It is a shop, Office or large company, fulfills a very important role. When a space doesn’t have enough light or is there too much clarity, the work being done may be hindered or even ward off potential customers. To put LED bulbs in these locations, both employee productivity as the desire of the public for visiting your store or company increases because it creates a more attractive and inspiring environment. Continue reading  

LED Light: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

The perception of light is a very subjective matter. Regardless of the already very individually distinctive abilities of human Sehwerkzeuge, you will find hardly two people, that exactly the same judge the appearance of an LED lamp. Even a single person can perceive differently a light image because of the training – adjustment effects after a few minutes as at the start – although nothing has changed in reality. Digital cameras usually fail supposedly objective on the truly realistic reproduction of brightness, color temperature and distribution of LED light; even the values of expensive instruments offer a few clues, but often not the full truth. Continue reading  

LED Light Bulbs Advantages

OSRAM LED lamps, in addition to modern and stylish offer a number of benefits in terms of quality, durability, energy-saving and reduction in environmental impact. OSRAM LED lamps are used as direct replacements of two incandescent bulbs of 60W, with durability up to 45 times greater. This technology has a number of colour options, variations of the white colored light, offering an enormous creative freedom to efficient lighting projects. Continue reading  

Better Light, Lower Costs: Axro Warehouse Lights Now With Maxos LED

AXRO has used consistently and extensively on LED: the Hamburg-based company, which operates a classic shipping and warehouse with two adjacent office space within the framework of its logistics concept, was able to significantly increase not only the quality of the light, but also its energy consumption dramatically reduce. Continue reading  

LED Light for Ceiling

After you have extolled the virtues and benefits of our dear LED bulb, it might be interesting to look the space of an article on a particular type of product. Ohm-Easy proposes you a presentation of 10W LED modules , 15W or 20W for ceiling (different colors are available according to your needs, small description to choose the one you need a bit later).

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