LED Lighting Solutions in Condo

The illumination serves as a calling card of any condo. The architecture or the design can let anyone willing to live there, but without the right lighting, which highlight the important elements, the message conveyed is not the same. The LED lets you create amazing effects, using positioning techniques and accessories in both internal and external spaces. Continue reading  

Forms of Application of Linear LED Lighting


The market of lighting is always renewing, and PD LED follows at the forefront, in search of all news. Growing in the market of decoration, the profile of LED is a versatile and subtle way to bring charm and elegance to a room. To be able to be applied in all areas, internal or external, it is a functional option for your decor. A good LED lighting design can be the solution. Continue reading  

Learn about the Advantages of LED Lighting for Industrial Automation

LED conquering your space in permanently lighting applications. Today, he is already present in cars, in homes and in the industrial sector. In fact, the LED lighting for industrial automation has provided energy saving so incredibly smart.

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Audi Forum Ingolstadt Relies Completely on OLED Lighting

For over 30 years, the Ingolstadt carmaker Audi is considered a pioneer in terms of light in the car. Now, the pioneering role in the architecture or building-lighting sector expands. Since the Volkswagen subsidiary in the Audi Forum Ingolstadt is now fully on the innovative new OLEDlighting.

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Why Put LED Bulbs in My Company

It is a shop, Office or large company, fulfills a very important role. When a space doesn’t have enough light or is there too much clarity, the work being done may be hindered or even ward off potential customers. To put LED bulbs in these locations, both employee productivity as the desire of the public for visiting your store or company increases because it creates a more attractive and inspiring environment. Continue reading  

Cree Led Flashlight Review Police Elgin EL-40w Zoon

I bought it on a visit to Paraguay, paid R $27.00. The average price in Brazil this around RS 50.00-60.00.
Just “Fantastic” for evening walks, because your convex lens with zoom function she adapts to all environments, reaching easily to 200 meters, very light and small, adherent, non-coated hand slide even though sweaty.

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Better Light, Lower Costs: Axro Warehouse Lights Now With Maxos LED

AXRO has used consistently and extensively on LED: the Hamburg-based company, which operates a classic shipping and warehouse with two adjacent office space within the framework of its logistics concept, was able to significantly increase not only the quality of the light, but also its energy consumption dramatically reduce. Continue reading  

Led Lighting Tips to Leave Your Modern and Sustainable House

The lighting design of a home should take into consideration: the functionality of the room and the chosen decorative proposal. That’s because the brightness of a space is also responsible for transmitting well-being and enhance the personality of the residents through the composition. And how to combine these factors to a good cost-benefit in a practical way? Continue reading