Check Out 5 Kitchen Lighting Tips!

Well-made lighting in a home can generate comfort and a cozy climate.- even in the kitchen!This space needs adequate light so you can prepare your favorite dishes in a more pleasant and precise way.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on kitchen lighting tips.Want some recommendations?Follow this text and know 5 ways to improve lighting in this environment! Continue reading  

Lighting Projects for the Luminale

Can be searched again lighting projects and ideas, 2012 issued on the Luminale.

For ten years, the Luminale accompanied the light+building fair every two years. She has establish themselves with last 140,000 visitors (2010) as the Biennale of light culture international. The Luminale makes the evening program for around 180,000 visitors of at light + building. Continue reading  

3d Light Fixtures Seem To Be Coming Out Of The Wall

The 3D 3D line luminaires Light Fx have this name because they seem to be coming out of holes or cracks in the wall where are fixed.

How 3D Fixtures

This effect is achieved through a very simple feature, which is a crack patch that comes in the base of these fixtures, they end up looking like a tear in the wall. Continue reading  

LED Disco Lights

The LEDs have not finished to amaze us. Here’s the disco LED bulb that will enlighten your mood and set fire to your evenings. A light show of madness that fits in your hand and moved anywhere provided you have electricity (of course!) and a socket E27. The play of light are now portable and as effective as their predecessors that required hours of editing. Continue reading  

How to Make Homemade Bicycle Lights

The bike lights are very important for safety reasons, both for you and for those around you. When night falls the only way, or at least the best, to know that there is a person and their location. In this article from a, we show you how to make bicycle home lights so that they can be installed by you.

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Inmetro’s Certificate is Required for LED Light Bulbs

LED lamps have been increasingly gaining popularity and winning the space that previously belonged to fluorescent.

The advantages are very significant. They are more economical, do not emit heat, are durable and contribute to the sustainable energy consumption. Continue reading  

LED Light: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

The perception of light is a very subjective matter. Regardless of the already very individually distinctive abilities of human Sehwerkzeuge, you will find hardly two people, that exactly the same judge the appearance of an LED lamp. Even a single person can perceive differently a light image because of the training – adjustment effects after a few minutes as at the start – although nothing has changed in reality. Digital cameras usually fail supposedly objective on the truly realistic reproduction of brightness, color temperature and distribution of LED light; even the values of expensive instruments offer a few clues, but often not the full truth. Continue reading  

Pabobo Night Light Reviews

As you probably already know, my little heart has a lovely night light mi-plastique mi-peluche projecting sea reflections (specifically the waves) on the walls of his room and him playing a sweet melody the night before that he can find his sleep.It comes from the Tranquil Turtle from Cloud-b which I already told you on the blog (here).

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LED Light Bulbs Advantages

OSRAM LED lamps, in addition to modern and stylish offer a number of benefits in terms of quality, durability, energy-saving and reduction in environmental impact. OSRAM LED lamps are used as direct replacements of two incandescent bulbs of 60W, with durability up to 45 times greater. This technology has a number of colour options, variations of the white colored light, offering an enormous creative freedom to efficient lighting projects. Continue reading  

Future Bike Lights

Lights for bicycle of the future

Visibility is one of the major concerns of the rider in it comes to security. A good equipment and good for bike lights will make you more visible to other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists, and also to improve your visibility. But let’s not kid ourselves. Aesthetics and modernity also concern us, so we have compiled more modern for bike lights and cool that we have found in various parts of the world. I anticipate what will be trend in a few years in this area, from bicycle led lights, up lights for bicycle mountain, city, etc.

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Ideal Electrical Table Lamps

If you want to create a more enveloping and relaxed in the various rooms of the home, the right lighting will be of great help. And to illuminate the desk in your home office or your reading nook, nothing better of the table lamps! Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Ideal lighting with table lamps

Ideal lighting is achieved by combining different types of lights and lamps, so that different colors and light intensity are mixed in the

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Where is The Recycling of LED Bulbs?

The LED market is growing. Used in our screens, cars and bulbs, their exceptional life span. But are LEDs at the end of their life recycled? Hervé Grimaud, Managing Director of Recylum, an eco-organization responsible for collecting used light bulbs, gives us an update on the situation.

” In 2014, we collected about 10 tons of LED bulbs, or nearly 200,000 units out of a total of 4,600 tons of bulbs, ” says Hervé Grimaud, Managing Director of Récylum . “It’s still very insignificant, but we’re working on it,” he says. Because LEDs have been developing for a few years in the lighting market , there is a very wide variety of products, both in terms of form and the consituants used. Tests are therefore under way to study the best way to recycle them. Continue reading  

Disassemble LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are often quite easy to dismantle, but attention to the presence of the sector if you want to do some tests under tension. It often happens that a LED bulb failure is due to a power failure (the little electronic card housed in the base of the bulb) or a failure of a single LED in the case where the LEDs are all mounted in series. See an example of LED bulb down that was opened.

Dismantled LED bulb: mechanical components, power and card with LEDs. Continue reading  

“Mia San LED”: Dynamic LED Light For Allianz Arena

Football is our life. And what would be our life without football. Ahem light. Reason enough for the world market leader in terms of lighting, Philips, to make common cause with the currently most successful football club in the world, Bayern Munich.

As part of the cooperation, home of the Bavarian football is arena, Germany, the Alliance first and Europe’s largest stadium with a fully comprehensive LED lighting for dynamic light animations.Fans can look forward accordingly on great stadium moments and moods in the upcoming Bundesliga and Champions League season. Continue reading  

Advantages of LED Bulbs

Very moved is the market of the LED bulbs for home. It has now been Sharp that has presented its new lights of this type. Not everything will be Philips in the digital home of the future.

LED bulbs are worth sharp despite its priced so high? Given that they cost between 40 and 80 euros, it should think about it much, but I think that they are the future and presenting very interesting aspects. We are going to see. Continue reading  

Eco-design: EU Tightens Rules For LED Lighting

The first stage of a new EU regulation to take effect on September 1, 2013, which finally sets detailed rules on eco-friendliness, quality and labelling for almost all LED lamps and luminaires. So far, such requirements were only for a part of the round brilliant “Retrofit”lamps. Those were not affected with bundled light and lights with integrated LEDs.

The new regulation also applies to them as of September 1, 2013: A 12-volt “MasterLED”-spot lamp from Philips. Continue reading  

With LED Lighting Against Climate Change

“The cumulative CO2 emissions determine the average global warming of the Earth’s surface largely […] They are up 40% since pre-industrial times. “The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere passed in may 2013 for the first time the 400 ppm (parts per million) mark, and is therefore as high as never before.” Continue reading