Layering Beauty Products

Today we reveal the secret beauty of oriental women, envied by the rest of the world for their more perfect skin. The secret of its beauty is called layering, or stratification of the products used nell’abituale skincare routines, summarized in 7 steps, which in first glance seem a lot, but that really only require about seven minutes of use.  Continue reading  

Tips On How To Choose Foundation For Each Type Of Skin

Tips on how you can choose the ideal foundation for your skin type

There are many bases of all kinds see some basic tips and also tips on how to choose the ideal base for each type of skin. The stick base should be applied to some points on the face and spread with the aid of a sponge, finger or brush until the skin is even. Continue reading  

Make With Stars In Dior Couture Fashion Show!

If there’s one time that love is the Week of Haute Couture, especially when the Dior brings a make with stars super beautiful on the eve of our Carnival, huh?! After all, isn’t everything that we can copy a fashion week so specific… in fact, almost anything! Then, when the brands are betting on a beautiful makeup, simple to make and absolutely powerful is something we need to keep an eye! Continue reading  

Makeup Country – Photos, Models

Country Makeup Photos and Models Learn How

The Country Makeup is different from the other models we have there, because it is stronger and more striking, and composed of darker shades, everything that asks the style and also the occasion.But today you can check out various models of Country Makeup so you can learn how to make this new, even more so because it has so many models.The secret of this make is in highlighting the look, which is why dark tones are essential as well.The smoky models are not even talked about, they make that makeup even more perfect and it draws people’s attention even more. Continue reading  

Diving in 20 Years: Beauty of Vivaz

Wednesday morning began with a nostalgic air and, at the same time, to celebrate. That’s because the Vivaz, who opened the second day of the Minas Trend, used the parade to celebrate the 15 years of the brand. With the theme “codes of the Trajectory“, super suitable, the brand still chose a different place for the presentation: led the guests to your new plant. “The intention is to show the ripening of the Vivaz, our new structure, and share a bit of that already produce,” Izabela Faria, designer of the brand.

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Step-by-Step Guide to the Carnival!

The Carnival is here! And the biggest popular party Brazil combines with great brightness and asks some characterization. The ancient street blocks are back to attract the public in BH and you can’t show up for the revelry without a production. Have two productions super prepared and full of creativity, but now we’re going to bring two other ideas, after all, inspiration never hurts, right?

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The Best Burgundy Lipsticks

Strolling through the Into The Gloss, my favorite beauty blog, I ended up stumbling upon a matter that super cool was the relationship between the colors of the grapes, wines and wine-colored lipsticks! Interesting when you consider that while taking a little wine, the lips are soon spotted, giving that color means “lipstain” in the mouth that can range from a dark to a Rosemary-lime burgundy super intense, almost black.

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Makeup Won:Meet the Risks before Using


We women are always very attentive when choosing the type of ideal makeup for skin. Worry us if the base is liquid or oil free. If the mascara lengthens or gives volume to lashes. And with what shade of lipstick more favors us.

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5 Tricks for a Perfect Eyeliner

At the time of make up your eyes is important to have clear what is your shape and how we wish to highlight them or hide them in some aspect.

The EYELINERS in any of its forms are perfect. The important thing is to learn to use them properly, to be pure and have practice to make it really good. In this article, we propose some tips so your EYELINERS never fail.

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Makeup Color Marsala Star Look to Be Copied

Makeup color Marsala, here are the star look to copy absolutely for a summer full of beauty and glamour. Not only is the Pantone Institute, the American company and the world’s foremost authority colors, did climb to first place the nuances of color Marsala liqueur, but also celebrities show him in makeup as in clothes, wearing make-up and stunning look captive. Continue reading  

Cover Dark Circles with Makeup, Here Are My Picks

Cover dark circles with makeup? Sure you can! It’s a problem that every woman should live: there will be times when they will be more or less obvious, but the only solution, in most cases, you keep it real with the make up. Here are the best tips from the makeup artist and the best products to cover dark circles. Continue reading  

Types of Eyeliners

Often dizziness: kajal pencils, pencils sourcil, automatic, khol pencils, eyeliner,… an infinite number of pencils that are used for the same: outline the eye. Each has a feature that makes it different from the other and if you know to differentiate them, know how to choose, without motion sickness you, which you prefer for depending on type of line you want and that you find most comfortable use. Continue reading  

Romantic Makeup In Pink

Do you have an important appointment?, you’ve been with your friends for dinner and don’t know how to makeup? or do you simply want to out of the ordinary and try new tones? Don’t worry, we have the solution. Our friend of the channel Makeup by Ailen brings us a romantic makeup in pink tones, ideal for this kind of occasions. Pay attention to how to do it, is fairly quick and easy.


-We will start applying a pre-base brush pore conceal and, in addition, the base help to fix, we will apply it here. Continue reading  

It Illuminates Your Face

Currently, the majority of women have little time for makeup and skin care

. However, they want to be beautiful and radiant. Recalled that the makeup trend is naturalness without charging too, is simply highlight with color and brightness that more you like your face. Experts recommend you a quick and easy technique for the lighting of your face. Continue reading