What We Do with Children and Screens? This Is What The Experts Say

It is Thursday night, is approaching the end of the week, everyone is tired, rain (or has done lot of heat) and children have not been able to go out, so they are already two hours playing with the tablet. In other words, it is the time of day when you feel every modern parent guilty. Continue reading  

Cheap Mobile Phone Tariffs for Freelancers and the Self-Employed

Many providers and vendors in the mobile telephony market shall ensure that tariffs for the different target groups with a wide variety of services available are. In addition to the traditional retail, mainly freelancers and the self-employed have often special requirements for a mobile phone rates. If you are currently looking for a suitable tariff , then consider the following criteria in any case, so you choose really exactly the right offer. Continue reading  

Sells off Fire Phone in USA and Fire Whoever Designed it

Amazon would have laid off dozens of employees of Lab126, a Silicon Valley hardware Division responsible for its hardware designs. According to The Wall Street Journal, the objective is to reorganize the structure and merge two working groups, but also stop certain projects –including an ambitious tablet with 14 inches. It seems there are several in the Group of prominent engineers away from Lab126 partly responsible for Fire Phone, probably the biggest hardware flops of the Division.

Fire Phone that, in these hours, it is sold at $ 130 with an annual subscription First worth $ 99.This is not the first time that News troubled Amazon smartphone development. Even now are differences between CEO Jeff Bezos and engineers at Lab126, with those that point to a certain level of hardware prototypes and the first requiring the sale at cost price and use as a gateway for purchase on Amazon. Continue reading  

Best Exercise Equipment for Running

The practice of running on trails seduced every day new practitioners. Running in nature is in fact a guarantee of new sensations! Attention however to ensure the quality of the equipment not to know of serious mishaps. See our tips for choosing the right equipment trail!

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