Men Worry about Both Look like to Us? We Wonder What They Say The Latest Studies

We live in a society obsessed with appearance and aesthetic perfection, but?affects more if you’re a woman? We pressed and, consequently, are more obsessed? A study conducted by the journal Body Image has come to the conclusion that each time its appearance worries men more and more and there are fewer differences. But the pressure is still different for boys and girls. Continue reading  

Kids and Technology: the Jokes Are Not as Before

I am of the last century. Yes, I was born in the 20TH century, in the remote prehistoric period of the internet. At that time, a children’s toy was a ball, doll and stroller, not laptop, tablet and phone. We played hide and seek, tag and playing dodgeball instead of bothering to post selfie on social networks. The technology was the big thing, and the kids would like to spend a few minutes in front of the television, playing with friends and cycling was a lot more fun. I can say that I was much happier and that we were a child. Continue reading