Multi Nail Care 7 in 1 Pupa

Having sound and impeccable nails is one of the prerogatives of many women and find a product that only fulfills all the requirements it’s really hard. Especially those who are more lazy and did not want or did not have time to use more products from curative treatments, bases, enamels and top coat, often ends up neglecting her nails. Continue reading  

Frida Kahlo-Pride in Corset

She was the most famous artist of Mexico, best known for her painting as well as for her corset: now, Frida Kahlo is honored with exhibitions in New York and London. The first Queen of the Selfie show the world.

Frida Kahlo contracted polio at the age of six, with 18 you drill a steel rod in the body in a traffic accident. At the age of 22 she Diego Rivera marries for the first with 33 years to the second time. 1930, 1932, and 1934 she suffers miscarriage. Shortly after the third, you be removed some toes on the right, polio-deformed foot. At about this time, her husband Diego has an affair with her younger sister Cristina. Kahlo takes revenge later by she – after all, style – with Leo Trotsky sleeps for a Communist.

in 1944 the artist endures a spine operation, six more will follow. At the age of 44, Kahlo’s in a wheelchair – the late effects of polio. Shortly before her death will be amputated right leg below the knee, the gangrene has eaten it away. The following still pneumonia, then, officially, a pulmonary embolism, which leads to her death on July 13, 1954. Continue reading  

Easy to Do Nail Enamel or With Gel

In this video we present a decoration for nails, easy and trendy: the macramé. Great for all occasions, wedding ceremonies but also super trendy for everyday.

Nail trend for the 2012-2013 wants a simple decoration, on short nails, with striking and original designs.

Great charm and ease of implementation have these nails decorated with macrame lace, this year’s must-haves. Continue reading  

How to Clean Tennis Shoes


The tennis shoes are probably the most comfortable footwear available. They’re also very versatile adapts easily to a large number of outfit. Using them on a daily basis, however, the white rubber shoes are likely inevitably become soiled by making them really ugly to see. Fortunately, there are simple and effective methods to resolve the problem. Let’s see together how to clean your sneakers to let her return to shine.

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