Nails in the Nails – Beautiful Nails, But How?

Beautiful, well-groomed fingernails are not self-evident. Often small grooves and stains are irritating us. But where do the bumps come from?

Regular nail cutting, nailing and creams is a normal treatment program for those who do not want to do without well-groomed fingernails.In spite of intensive care, however, there are always unsightly discolorations and grooves.We have investigated the causes: Continue reading  

Decorated Feet Nails – Models

Tips and Models for Decorated Feet

Even the Decorated Feet Nails are in fashion trends, so your feet look better and better cared for as well.Because one thing is a well-made toenail, and another thing is toenail, it makes a huge difference.That’s why you have to think hard before you leave with your feet without having done the nail, taking the cuticle and everything, because all these details make the difference too.Nowadays we have so many beautiful models to decorate our nails, see in more detail. Continue reading  

Japanese Manicure Treatment

In case of damaged and weak nails, Japanese manicure is the best solution. Treatment of all natural, made from beeswax, which will give the nails a beautiful and healthy look.

If your nails are brittle and flaked and donate to your hands a bad aspect, we have the solution for you.

It is the Japanese manicure, also known as p-shine, a new trend of beauty that brings with it the stamp of the Far East and is loved by many celebrities and models.

It is a completely natural treatment capable of restoring the damaged and weak nails, this is due to the use of enamel or other, their original appearance, making them again robust, strong and healthy. Continue reading  

Learn How to Do Nails Decorated Chess Walkthrough

We women love to take care of the beauty of the skin, hair and nails, doesn’t it? And among these, nails care attention, as there is a wide variety of options for decorations to let them even more beautiful and modern.Currently, the decorated nails are successful with women of all ages, and are present in all the seasons trends.
The variety of prints are many, so many times it’s hard to choose the most suitable option for your style or type of occasion. However, there are some types of prints that can be used with any piece of clothing and several types of occasions. One of them is the chess print. Nails decorated, that contrary to what many women think, don’t make success only in jerk and Yes in the fashion of the day.

Nails decorated chess

To make your look more beautiful and with a modern twist, how about opting for Plaid prints on the nails? This type of nail decoration never goes out of style and provides a modern and differentiated result. To make life easier for many women, some cosmetic brands have launched the famous nail adhesive with plaid pattern, which is much more practical to use. However, even with this accessory available, many women prefer to do your nails decorated with chess using the traditional method of Answermba.

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