Baroque Reinvented!

The Baroque aesthetic invaded the European catwalks as trend for the winter 2012/2013, confirming the maximalist wave that already reigns by good seasons. The Baroque period is from the 17TH century, arose in Italy and subsequently spread throughout Europe for showing a combination of power and authority through the luxury and refinement. Continue reading  

How to Use Big Earrings?

We know that change completely our visual accessories. And why the big earrings are with everything! With basic or elaborate outfits, the Moon rocks make a big difference. Nothing like a piece of effect on your ear to make the look amazing. But how to use this gadget? It’s not as hard as it sounds, diva. And to facilitate in time to mount your look, we gathered some tips to help you. Continue reading  

DIY: Dragonfly Necklace

Create a necklace with matching earrings from pearls and metal elements: Let us show you how! The delicate dragonfly jewelery, a necklace with matching earrings, hasdeliberately designed.

You need a dragonfly jewelery set:
Necklace (Meterware)
Toggle Closure
Rivet (min. 4cm long)
Ear hooks
Metal element with 2+1 eyelets
3 flat Howlith beads (12 mm)
3 Dragonflies of metal (17.5mm long) Continue reading  

About Akoya Pearls

The Importance of Japan

The image that takes shape in the minds of consumers and jewelers, when they think of pearls, is very similar to that of the Akoya Pearls In Japan. Nowadays, there are many other qualities of cultured pearls that surprise us with a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes that make them unique. Despite this, the Akoya pearls turn out to be the most popular and are a product that must not fail completely in the assortment of those involved in the sale of pearls. Their popularity, however, is not surprising given that it was the first spherical beads obtained from pearl cultivation process (of xxmo century). Since then the Japanese farmers have not stopped the progress of pearl farming, managing to win a large share of the world market. Continue reading  

Make a Necklace with Beads

Today a Guest Blog by our site, the jewelry designer by Pearl factory. She shows how she does your beautiful and unusual pieces of jewelry.
Here a complete work-in-progress!


You need:
-Felt up to max 2 mm thick or Lacy’s Stiff Stuff
-Seed beads size 11/0
-Velvet (our site velvet)
-Perlonfaden of the thickness of 0, 15 mm
-Semi-precious stones, snails, etc.
-Paper, beads needle, pencil, scissors, glue

-Bead embroidery
-our site Continue reading  

Bracelets with Chain Necklaces

In this blog post I made a bracelet set with two different types of a chain. These bracelets are not difficult to make, you need only the basic information for Wire wrap. And the result can be a very fine and elegant.
I have here Peacock Pearl used, I still around are had. So a bracelet is so perfect to process beads closeouts.


-1 approximately 17 cm large link chain and 1 x 20 fine link chain
– Craft wire 0.5 mm
-Beads of your choice
-2 caps
– Jump rings, standard 5 mm for the large chains and 4 mm fine eye for the thin link chain Continue reading  

Build a Floating Ring Necklace Made of Beads

Make with beads always chic our site pieces succeed. Polishing the Pearl beautifully captures the light and there is a charming twinkle through the individual facets.
This chain (45 cm) is combined with Czech beads and with our site Crystal beads were. In between there are small Silver plated beads. Because the beads with a cavity are threaded, this chain is also very easy to carry.

Beads and accessories

  • 1 bag pink beads(left 2 pearl earrings)
  • 9 pieces of our site Crystal our site(11 If you make even earrings)
  • 1 bag silver star beads (or similar distances)
  • Pink jewelry wire
  • Crimp beads
  • 2 dome
  • 1 lobster claspand split-ring
  • The regular plier sand a ruler.

Continue reading  

Hublot Fashion Show Meets Twelve Thirteen Jewelry

Hublot fashion show meets Twelve Thirteen Jewelry: The high class jewellery label twelve twelve jewelry invited during Berlin fashion week to a very special event! On the 17.01.2015 collection took place in The Pearl Club in Berlin the presentation of current jewellery city attitude, and many prominent guests spent this evening in the spirit of solidarity with the trendy jewelry label. Continue reading  

DIY Pearl Jewelry Yourself

Make your own pearl jewelry is a super hobby. You can vary a lot and the finished products are very useful.

You have discovered the new colors of the season. A new piece of jewelry in the Cabinet and the accessories want to simply do not fit? I putting stuff me my accessories always ourselves. Exactly in the right style, matching to my new favorite piece. Besides, it’s a great thing for the give away. After the stroll with my best friend I know exactly what she needs now and did not get. Try out times with her friends. You will be surprised by their unique. Continue reading  

Different Colors of Amber Necklaces

In the action Colorful I have you in brown October my amber necklace shown with earrings, a ring you know from the yellow August . In the article I mentioned that I would like to have even a matching bracelet. This has come in November to me. How I like yellow to blue, I have the items Honey Blue shown before. This bracelet that works well with jeans.

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Ways to Wear Pearl Necklace


Choose the suitable clothing is often a very difficult task. It is not easy indeed to match with taste certain clothes and often we find ourselves with the closet upside down in order to find the right clothing. This difficulty, however, also applies to accessories. In particular, necklaces of pearls require some minor changes in order to be matched correctly, avoiding ruin your look. On the contrary, this accessory must highlight the style and elegance, but to do this it is essential to take into account some aspects. Being a large extravagant jewel, you should have good taste to wear with your outfit. Here we discover together so 5 ways to wear a necklace of pearls.

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The Looks of Jeans You Want to Copy

Who doesn’t have a pair of jeans in your closet? This is a basic versatile clothing that can be worn with a blazer and heels or with a t-shirt and sneakers. The truth is that the classic cut jeans never pass sets and are so comfortable that some of us have dozens of models in your closet. Continue reading  

The Basics of Professional Style

Know what are the key pieces of clothing in who should invest? A good professional wardrobe does not mean having a large quantity of pieces in the closet, but have the right outfit for every occasion, taking into account your age, lifestyle, body type and the profession. Continue reading