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Paris, I Love You with Tchibo

Bonjour mon amour… Uhh, what look you today again beautiful out.

Paris, I love Paris. And I’m being honest, a Paris trip is long, long, long overdue. And the best, Henry knows only the airport. HA, we should change that. I see already through the small streets shopping us, the Sacred Heart of Montmartre on the podium sitting sipping a wine when the sun shines and this street music, maybe a couple dancing on the stairs. Paris, you’re so beautiful and wonderful. Continue reading  

Scarf Giveaway: Your Favorite Outfits and 3 Lucky Winners

With product placement – I want with some strong, stylish women including her outfit today imagine scarf: the participants in the Christmas draw “My favorite scarf styling”. See what outfits have sent the readers of fashion Whisperer to the competition in the photo gallery! I’m proud of every single Einsenderin – because the hurdle for the participation was high. But also the price could let themselves see: three wonderful, luxurious cashmere silk scarves by Who has won? Also today, this secret will be revealed. Continue reading  

Clothing Tips For Working Out Outside the Gym

If you are one of those people who prefer outdoor exercise instead of working out at the gym, but you don’t know what to wear, stay tuned on these clothing tips to work out and do good in any scenario.

With these tips the your visual will be not only more beautiful, but also will have success wherever you go.

Is in the square, at home, or in a court, following straight these tips workout clothing, your look is sure to be the highlight. Continue reading  

80% Of All Women With A Dress Size 42

I discovered just this result of a representative survey on the net. This contract has the label Studio Untold.

I can’t believe that. You?

I think that we today are increasingly women plus size with our character in the pure as 10-20 years ago. Rather, the well-known hatred are slowly diminishing. This is for me certainly the one most because that with aging a blissful relaxation and serenity is wider and wider. I had that in the 20s – hach – unthinkable. Continue reading  

Some Pregnant Winter Clothes

At the time of our lives in which we found out we’re pregnant as soon as we start thinking about our bodies change, and wondering how we’re going to be when the baby starts to develop and increase your size, and change the way we look, so with this change comes the concern of what to wear when we go to a party or even in daily life. Continue reading  

Giorgio Armani Men’s Collection

The Giorgio Armani spring/summer 2014 collection offers gentle and delicate look available in three basic colors: pink, blue and white. Each creation is the result of careful research of a stylish, refined and polite. Graphic details and modern details made the clothing, but also accessories, this new men’s line, most current, suitable for the modern man. Continue reading  

How to Choose Shoulder Bag

The sleeve with shoulder strap is a bag to the undeniably timeless look. You can find it in several different colours. She is adopted by fashionistas around the world.

The cross body leather wallet still has a very bright future that awaits him in the world of fashion. Bag & Shoes gives you all the tracks to find the template you need!

Continue reading  

This Week’s Outfit-Rosécredd

In line with our heat becomes more obvious to all, baiting and terraces off 25-kronorsöl attracts undeniably up people’s style and skill the worst pages. The dream of a classic and sophisticated style for an evening on the terrace are living still.

Turtleneck Boomerang – Turtleneck is well maybe not the garment most associated with spring, but when the evening’s chill becomes all the more obvious, it is really nice to have something warm for the throat which is not in liquid form. Continue reading  

Geisha Makeup, Hairstyle and Styling Tips

I have here a simple Makeup Geisha makeup before you and to some background knowledge to geishas and their traditional makeup and styling.

What Are Geisha?

Geisha are entertainers, formed in poetry, painting, music, dance and literature. First these men, who worked at the Japanese Court were Interestingly, it was only in the 17th century the first women began to practise this profession.

The heyday of Geisha as affordable entertainers and Styletrendsetter was in the 18th and 19th century, then changed its role to preserving traditional Japanese arts and their services have been exclusive.

In Japan’s cities, there was entertainment district named Flower street (“flowers district”), where geishas in female extended family in a House called okiya, together lived in the past. Today there are only still some the most famous a few flower district and also stopped many geishas, in Kyoto, the center of Japanese geisha culture. Continue reading  

Ballerinas: the Most Beautiful Models For Spring

Ballerinas are among the few timeless burners that never go out of style!

Their success: The popular flats combine in a unique way elegant femininity with a great pinch of comfort.

For this reason, the delicate shoes have been among the absolute basics of any wardrobe for many years. Discover now which models are particularly popular this spring and let you be enchanted by the new colors and designs! Continue reading  

Business Outfit: V-Neck Sweater with Pencil Skirt

Hooray! The new year is here! I welcome you very warmly back on my blog! After the many celebrations and cozy hours I am looking forward, to roll up their sleeves and to overthrow me, made me at the turn of the year in the implementation of projects. It’s not the worst, to adapt fashionable again to work everyday . Continue reading  

My Fashion Advice

My advice packing bags

A beach vacation is the time to relax and laze. So pack your bags pays no stress, helps a systematically structured Vacation cloakroom.

Finally again vacation time! Have you already planned your most beautiful days of the year and chosen for a relaxing beach holiday? Then think you certainly have, what clothes you want to take.By now, good planning is needed – especially if you have to limit your luggage. Quite often I stand in such moments before my suitcase and realize that I want to remember too much. High time, once systematically tackle the problem. If it is similar to you, try it out the following 7 steps to create your holiday wardrobe:

Continue reading  

How to Wear Like Celebrities

Wearing a dress like the stars: from the most classic in black leather one, here’s how I wear the celebrities. Go-ahead also powdery colors and most unusual fabrics!

The dress is one of those outfits that saves us from the embarrassment of the “I don’t know what to put” and that with a change of accessories can make more or less elegant. It’s the perfect outfit to enhance the curves, to put them out, or even to camouflage the critical points, wearing a shoe or a cut that fits perfectly to the silhouette. Continue reading  

Plus Size Outfit of the Day

Today we continue with a stylish and modular on many occasions Plus-Size Outfit .

I am Myriam, 29 from Frankfurt and I’ll show you my individual style in oversized. I also want give you tips for womens clothing plus sizes.

My fashion must-have: the Blazer

Can I imagine my absolute favorite piece and “Must Have”? The taupefarbene Blazers!
Yes, I know – the piece, nor the color are very new. But always well dressed for the Office, for the brunch or evening -. Special: It is made of cotton and thus not businesslike and not overdressed. The taupefarbene nuance can be also versatile – recently to the classical music concert with a sand-colored top and a light beige rock in large sizes. In the Office I like him in a turtleneck or blouse with black/beige trousers or jeans. Continue reading