Beads Splendour in the Middle Ages

Pomp has been becoming very popular with those who could -afford him, and thought to have to make the even. The bold – as Karl not especially contributed politically and personally with blessed luck – the Reichstag to Trier 1475 an encrusted garment that would be worth two million euros by today’s standards about.Generally, this seemed to be a year of splendor. The splendor of beads on festive occasions such as the “Landshut wedding” was indescribable. The involved families of George the rich and King Casimir of Poland was a veritable battle of the jewelry. Other Royal houses outdone himself with pearls of pearl jewelry. Since it is difficult to believe that the real heyday of Pearl art began in this country much earlier. Continue reading  

Pearls of Various Kinds, Women Only

Pearls are a legacy of jewelry for women, because there are no male jewellery with pearls. They are unique to women. You must have noticed that there are larger, smaller pearls, some round, others compridinhas. Are all formed inside oysters (salt water) or Mussels (fresh water). And the names are many. Well, I’m talking about:

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Tips for Combining Necklaces with Necklines

Tips to combine that with the right collar neckline!

Tips for you to match that incredible with that beautiful necklace you are dying to use! Every accessory has a tip to be combined with the right outfit, not every necklace combines with all kind of cleavage and not every texture orna with any semi jewel. So this post is for you rock this weekend with a gorgeous look and shine with your accessories! Continue reading  

Bracelets with Chain Necklaces

In this blog post I made a bracelet set with two different types of a chain. These bracelets are not difficult to make, you need only the basic information for Wire wrap. And the result can be a very fine and elegant.
I have here Peacock Pearl used, I still around are had. So a bracelet is so perfect to process beads closeouts.


-1 approximately 17 cm large link chain and 1 x 20 fine link chain
– Craft wire 0.5 mm
-Beads of your choice
-2 caps
– Jump rings, standard 5 mm for the large chains and 4 mm fine eye for the thin link chain Continue reading