Light Make-Up For Work

Make Up Tips for the Job

Even for work we have to be well dressed and wearing makeup, because nowadays the market takes a better posture of us, and you know that makes all the difference as well. But in these environments we can not exaggerate, so we have come to bring Light Work Makeup as a tool, especially since we know that this model is the most used today.Because it has soft details that value the woman’s face without leaving too much exaggeration.So be sure to check out more information.

You have to have an idea of ​​the Lightweight Makeup for Work models to use, because some women end up not knowing the different ways we can leave the face, ie using the most different effects too, so we have to know how to do, and the right colors to use.But this we’ll list below, see what cosmetics can make up this simpler model of makeup for you to use in your work environment:

  • Shades in the colors: light brown, light pink, straw, beige, and colors and similar tones;
  • Lipsticks in color: mouth color, soft coral, soft rose and similar tones;
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Blush
  • Powder
  • Base

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Just be careful not to overdo it. Light Makeup for Work has to offer more life to your face, and not exaggerations, so prepare the skin and highlight the eyes with mascara and a very soft pencil. Then finish giving more color to the lips. As soon as you check out the templates, you get an idea of ​​what to wear and what to do on a daily basis as well. Below the photos of Light Work Makeup show what you can do and use during the week to go to work:

Natura Launches Una Mousse Powder And Effect: Shadow Multi Effect!

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Learn How to Makeup for Carnival

Loved ones are prepared to stay beautiful at the Carnival? Because if you still had no idea what makeup do, a friend who loves makeup was keen to help us. We have a tutorial for the blog I’m that will leave you excited to Carnival. Come on then?

Makeup Super Pink for Carnival

Before starting the make, it is necessary to prepare the skin, which is made as follows:

Cover your face and neck with exactly the tone of your skin. Don’t forget to cover the area of the eyelids and around the hair root. Now, apply a compact colour, with the sponge. Spread well, make a generous layer of dust, because this will help after cleaning up the smudges made with the shadow, the fallout in the face. If you want, apply liquid Concealer under the eyes, making a triangle between the beginning and end of the eyes and cheek.

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Tom Ford Beauty

What’s new makeup of the prestigious brands: bare products and highlighter to enhance the natural complexion. find out together.

“Cosmetic products are useful to illuminate, shape and define facial features and create balance and symmetry”-Tom Ford

Tom Ford presents two collections for autumn 2015. The first, Fall 2015 Collection Flawless Face, includes a range of new products that can completely transform the look of the oval with minimum effort and maximum effect, because for the Tom Ford Beauty begins a radiant and flawless skin.

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How to Do a Makeup for Party?

Every self-respecting woman spends at least one batonzinho to go to a party. But if you want to raze can not help but spend a little time making a more elaborate make. After all, it is for a party and not for day to day.

As there are several types of party, there are also several types of make to party. Parties during the day, more dispossessed, to parties at night, ultra chic.

One thing is mandatory: it has to correct and standardize your skin. Even the simplest makeup calls it.

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