What to Do to Change My Style for the Retro?

If you have that will to change everything, has been questioned about his clothes and items that you wear and for some reason it faces dilemmas in relation to your personal style, made this article especially for you. Many people still do not know your own style, and consequently go out buying everything they see by malls just because “it’s fashion”. I regret to inform you: is the silliest thing you can do.   Continue reading  

What is Retro

Retro. How many times we heard that word that so many mouths filled and we are left with the desire to know what means exactly. As well, we will try meet all uses and meanings which we can meet it.

We start at the beginning. It is best to know the origin of the word, its etymology, i.e., how it has been incorporated into our language and what sources did. Continue reading  

Retro Interior Decor For a Wedding And Valentine’s Day

Reasons for a family celebration very much! As a recognized and favorite holidays, and touching family events and celebrations-Every family they own House Decoration for the holiday creates a happy and a good atmosphere in the family, brings joy and uplifting. Allow yourself the luxury of a charming-as a festive decoration of the house just for the mood! This is not necessarily expensive and difficult-you will see for yourself, if you can see this great photo gallery albums decor ideas with their own hands.

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Retro Style Interior Design

Retro style in the interior of diverse and interesting. In contrast to the vintage style, is a pastiche of popular and everyday styles. When they say “retro”, it often implies a period of 50-70-ies of the 20 century. To create a retro style on their own, you can resort to an interesting and bold ideas that do not require you a lot of financial costs.

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Tips on Wearing a Cardigan

If the term cardigan is not necessarily widespread it is because it is usually called “vest”.Whatever its name, this is a timeless at the same time follows the trends. The proof!


A Little History

This wool jacket buttoned become a basic fashion in the 50s as well is found in the women’s locker room as male.

This vest is named for James Brudenell, Cardigan Earl Wales. It seems that this military feeling cramped in its regulatory sweater, would have itself cracked a saber. It’s a little later than the cardigan become the vest that we know thanks to the addition of buttons; not as long as the version devoid button has disappeared, it is still valid!

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