The Knitwear Mixer: Tolerate What Dose of Chunky Knit?

The sweater season is started! And with it come the new knitted jumpers and sweaters on the market. While the designers this season have come up with really really thick Chunky knit sweaters:mega thick wool threads, gigantic cabled, bubble -, wafer and rib where the eye can see. To get striking patterns, patchwork look and oversize sweater. Because, I ask myself the question: chunky knit of virtually every woman is? And how thick should your ideal knit apply?

When I look in my closet, I notice that there mostly smooth knitted sweater with wool midweight are located. Is that coincidence? I don’t think so. Because knitting things have different volumes and textures. All of them are equally well not every woman. Both the character type, as well as your hair and skin texture and the body size with decide how much woolly surface structure and optical weight you can handle. Continue reading  

Hats, Gloves, Scarves: Winter Can Come

It does not take much longer and the temperatures finally climb below the 0 degree mark – the first snowflakes fall and it is time to pack in cuddly scarves and chic hats.But how do I know which cap is right for me and how I can actually determine my glove size?Below I show you the small 1×1 of our beloved Winter accessoires. Continue reading  

Universe Retro and Awarding Best Partners Look Western

On day 30 of July, last Saturday of the month, takes place at Rockerama Club in São Paulo, the Honky-tonk Party. The party country of the universe 1 year Retro site and commemorates the launch of the collection “Pin-Ups”, in partnership with Illustrator Aline Lacroc. In addition to the confirmed attractions – the bands The Hicks, Ton White and Rooster of The Rising Sun, the DJ Wagnão DJing on vinyl and the presentation of burlesque western of Aurora D’vine -, the site hosted an award of Best Vintage Western. Continue reading  

Scarf Giveaway: Your Favorite Outfits and 3 Lucky Winners

With product placement – I want with some strong, stylish women including her outfit today imagine scarf: the participants in the Christmas draw “My favorite scarf styling”. See what outfits have sent the readers of fashion Whisperer to the competition in the photo gallery! I’m proud of every single Einsenderin – because the hurdle for the participation was high. But also the price could let themselves see: three wonderful, luxurious cashmere silk scarves by Who has won? Also today, this secret will be revealed. Continue reading  

Men’s Stylish Wardrobe, Tips, Essential Parts, 2013 Trends

Fashion and beauty-Not1

Men’s Stylish wardrobe, tips, Essential Parts, 2013 Trends

Wrong who think that man has no vanity, nowadays men are increasingly concerned with the appearance and with what to wear. And for the man to be well-dressed takes a look Elegant with a varied wardrobe and full of options. Check out today on the Blog Not1 2013 tips and trends for the male wardrobe! Continue reading  

How to Stay Warm in Winter

The icy Winter Is Coming.

So you guaranteed not freeze while coming stroll through the Christmas market and walks in the park, I hereinafter compiled a few simple tips for you.

So you bring socks, gloves, etc.  guaranteed frost-free through the upcoming holiday season!

I wish you at this point schonmal a good start in the most reflective of the four seasons and a cozy Christmas!

Continue reading