Sports Trends!

T-shirt, ethnic and graphic prints, boots in boot format … Check out five trends that promise to dominate sportswear after the World Cup

Even before the World Cup started a month ago, fashion already pointed to sports trends. The fashionistas joined the sneakers, which, after dominating the streets, climbed the catwalks of Dior and Chanel at the Paris Haute Couture Week in Summer 2014, packing impeccable party dresses. Continue reading  

Scarf Giveaway: Your Favorite Outfits and 3 Lucky Winners

With product placement – I want with some strong, stylish women including her outfit today imagine scarf: the participants in the Christmas draw “My favorite scarf styling”. See what outfits have sent the readers of fashion Whisperer to the competition in the photo gallery! I’m proud of every single Einsenderin – because the hurdle for the participation was high. But also the price could let themselves see: three wonderful, luxurious cashmere silk scarves by Who has won? Also today, this secret will be revealed. Continue reading  

Jersey T-Shirt Men, to Inspire!

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? 🙂 One more week starting here in male fashion, one more week starting with Inspiration, there’s good stuff, huh haha and to highlight a few more items that are part of the wave Athleisure, lifestyle sports embedded in our daily lives, this time I talk about Jersey T-shirt! Closely linked to sports, this model of open Shirt with buttons has appeared a few times on here, but it was time to renew the tips haha So bora pro post now if you connect in the Inspirations to wear the shirt Jersey?  Continue reading  

Military Style Clothing Tips 2018

Tips on how you can wear military-style clothing

Many women may be reluctant to wear military-style parts in 2018, though there is no need to fear. In general, the reference to this style ends up leaving the look more fashionable and cool, but there is a challenge that must be overcome, especially for those who are not accustomed to the look: how to look beautiful without appearing to have just enlisted in the army, see the military-style clothing tips 2018. Continue reading  

3 Ideas of Outfits For Your Next Trip to the Beach

A trip to the beach can mean a full day at the beach, an appointment at the beach, a formal event or a wedding on the beach. An outfit appropriate for a visit to the beach should always be comfortable, fresh and light, but to protect you from the Sun’s rays; If you think that this outfit is complicated, then take a look at our list of ideas of outfits for your next trip to the beach. Continue reading  

How to Choose a Swimsuit

Alexandra Joly – Frio Martell, creator of the brand sunbathing receives us in his showroom and gives us a lesson in beach style to choose the essential piece of your vacation: the swimsuit!

Alexandra Joly-Frio Martell: I’ve always loved swimwear. This is the garment of the holiday, who still recalls good memories! And yet, every year it’s the same thing: could not find a swimsuit that is well cut and that fits my desires of fashion. I wanted to find swimsuits that were sexy but without making tons because when you’re in a bathing suit, we’re already at half-naked. I wanted a swimsuit that is chic, but without being boring and with a side mode which suits me. Continue reading  

How to Use Female White Pants

White is on the rise. The new collection of Arezzo came full of wonderful handbags, all white. In addition, white goes with everything and still manages to bring a lot of elegance. The White is not only to be used in hospitals, he has a lot of style and sophistication.

The white pants is a Joker in the closet and cannot miss. The color ended up being exiled from the wardrobe of women because lighter shades create more volume. But, the good news is that all of us can use the white pants without fear in order to do so, simply choose the template that most suits our body. Continue reading  

What to Wear If You Have Small Breasts

The breast, the feminine side more representative, that there nourishes life, that ignites the senses and that surrounds the feminine softness of motherhood. Having a hard and big breasts are among the wishes most common among women. Many in fact even resort to surgery to achieve their goal. Many women instead prefer to wear push up bras or padded to create the illusion of breasts. In women who have suggested how to choose a bra that fits your body , something very important to get a nice effect but natural. Continue reading  

My Fashion Advice

My advice packing bags

A beach vacation is the time to relax and laze. So pack your bags pays no stress, helps a systematically structured Vacation cloakroom.

Finally again vacation time! Have you already planned your most beautiful days of the year and chosen for a relaxing beach holiday? Then think you certainly have, what clothes you want to take.By now, good planning is needed – especially if you have to limit your luggage. Quite often I stand in such moments before my suitcase and realize that I want to remember too much. High time, once systematically tackle the problem. If it is similar to you, try it out the following 7 steps to create your holiday wardrobe:

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Spring Summer Collection 2014

Last week we looked at Barbas collection for summer and today we remain in the Neapolitan region for another premium manufacturer of classic shirts. It’s the perfect 1925 Finamore with cuts, hand-stitched buttonholes and collars, shoulders seduced stilintresserade men for almost 90 years. We looked more closely at the company’s Spring collection that contains more than just well-made shirts.

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Button Down Shirt Mens

Cutaway and turndownkrage are all very well but the shirt that feels most useful is in our shirt with buttondownkrage. The small buttons are skjortkragen in place which makes it perfect for a knit shirt or unbuttoned a few available cotton pants on holiday. If you want to dress up the model one can wear the collar to tie and unbuttoned collar with kragknappar, a soft wave-shaped case.

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