Getting Pregnant without Maternity Clothes Become Creative!

Without circumstance fashion beautiful and chic through the pregnancy? That’s no problem: with a few simple tricks, you may come around with some extra issues.

Chic, stylish, sexy: the fashion of circumstance is now available in many colors and shapes. But with a little creativity you can save yourself the purchase of pregnancy fashion and still look beautiful and fashionable. The tricks for styling can be found here. Continue reading  

#Desafio: 10 Essential Pieces for My Wardrobe

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) Wow, today I meet a challenge here in male fashion, but a Challenge! And what would that Coriander? EIM? EIM? Some readers suggested me to post about items needed in the Male wardrobe, I decided to make a list with 10 pieces that are indispensable in my closet, that leaving them, can ride several different looks. Let’s take a look and do yours too? Continue reading  

Where to Buy Suspenders for Men on the Internet

Men’s suspenders are not difficult to buy if you are looking for on the internet, the problem is to find pieces really stylish and striking, for this reason we researched some stores that offer accessory and we list some of the ones that called our attention, since the classic flat models, even those made of leather and patterned. See below: Continue reading  

Review: Received Parts of the Korova Oversized T-Shirts, Jogger Pants

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) OOPS, there’s Review in today’s Male fashion? I like! haha and is a national brand that had not yet had direct contact, but a lot of people know and comments about: KOROVA. Got some parts of them (how Tall Tees, Hoodie, Jogger Pants, Jeans) and I decided to put my opinion about each one here, to share with you that the brand will really, really, besides the sweatpants. Bora pro post take a look and get to know better all this? Continue reading  

Baroque Reinvented!

The Baroque aesthetic invaded the European catwalks as trend for the winter 2012/2013, confirming the maximalist wave that already reigns by good seasons. The Baroque period is from the 17TH century, arose in Italy and subsequently spread throughout Europe for showing a combination of power and authority through the luxury and refinement. Continue reading  

The Narrow Bow Tie Transition

Whether one likes ties in seven, eight or nine cm are we on Manolo fully convinced that a narrow bow tie is preferred. It has been said before and we say it again. There are really only a bow tie you need to and instead of trying to learn a plethora of variations and knots, it is clearly better to learn to tie a classic four-in hand really well. Continue reading  

Winter Dresses 2018 – Prices, Buying, Models

Where to Buy, Prices and Models of Winter Dresses in 2018

The American brand Marchesa proposed to bring some of Goya to the catwalks. The collection of autumn winter 2018, presented in the last week of fashion in New York, was inspired in the picture ‘Portrait of Maria Teresa de Vallabriga in the Horse’, of Francisco de Goya, of 1783. Continue reading  

Onepiece-Rompers For Fashion Victims

In the specialist press and in countless blogs, a bit more and more is emerging: OnePiece. Even a Justin Bieber, already has one and so it is not surprising that the “Rompers for Fashion Victims” is hotly debated. I am aware of the bodysuit from the times when I wore nappies, so I am astonished at all that Mr. Bieber is one of the first to get back there… Continue reading  

Plus Size Model MAREN Kissing Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Maybe the fun-loving plus size model MAREN kissing looks familiar to you. This may have several reasons: you’ve seen it at VOX in the show “Down in the bed” or in a magazine or already read the first part of our interview with her. In the second part of the interview, you’ll learn great beauty secrets, how to recognize good style and much more. Continue reading  

Sports Trends!

T-shirt, ethnic and graphic prints, boots in boot format … Check out five trends that promise to dominate sportswear after the World Cup

Even before the World Cup started a month ago, fashion already pointed to sports trends. The fashionistas joined the sneakers, which, after dominating the streets, climbed the catwalks of Dior and Chanel at the Paris Haute Couture Week in Summer 2014, packing impeccable party dresses. Continue reading  

Scarf Giveaway: Your Favorite Outfits and 3 Lucky Winners

With product placement – I want with some strong, stylish women including her outfit today imagine scarf: the participants in the Christmas draw “My favorite scarf styling”. See what outfits have sent the readers of fashion Whisperer to the competition in the photo gallery! I’m proud of every single Einsenderin – because the hurdle for the participation was high. But also the price could let themselves see: three wonderful, luxurious cashmere silk scarves by Who has won? Also today, this secret will be revealed. Continue reading