Gossip Girl Trend: Pink Shoes – Think pink!

The “Gossip Girls” are freshly in love:in their pink shoes. fem.com knows where the star trend is.

The most fashionable bye-bye to summer: At the current shooting in New York, “Gossip Girl”Leighton Meester now with pink high heels on his feet.The idea comes from Eric Daman, the crazy serial stylist – and his darlings love it.Because the fem.com editorial team is totally fond of the look, here are two particularly beautiful copies for online shopping. Continue reading  

Sos – Save Our Shoes

high time to bring autumn code elen of the closet to life, or supplement with shoes for the colder, wetter and generally worse weather. We have previously written both general information about shoe care, how you get your sneakers white and clean etc, but here are a few concrete and readily available in-store that can keep your footwear handsome and in top condition throughout the fall. Continue reading  

Rights to Buy Shoes on the Internet

On the Internet, there are numerous online shops where you can buy shoes.The purchase of shoes on the Internet offers you many advantages: You can usually benefit from a wider selection and conveniently browse from your PC for shoes that you like.However, the purchase of shoes on the Internet also entails some risks.For example, you can not try on your shoes before you buy them and you must always expect them to fit.After all, many shoes differ in the fit, which is due to the different production conditions of the manufacturers. Continue reading  

Fashion Party 2018

Fashion Party Tips 2018

The Fashion Party 2018 has changed a lot in recent years, before they had only a few standard pieces to wear, which were the dresses, they were always what people choose to wear on those occasions.That’s why fashion chose to change that reality, so new models of clothing were created.And today you will be able to check some of these models, stay inside the news. Continue reading  

7 Types Of Shoes That Will Make Brides More Comfortable

Marriage tires, yes. The bride, who spends most of her time standing, needs to be comfortable to receive the compliments and congratulations of the guests. Being beautiful is essential, but thinking about your comfort is a must!

If you are the type of woman who does not like to face a jump, this is the ideal post for you. Since you are tall and do not need to wear day-to-day jumping, savor the tips and feel at home. Continue reading  

Cinderellas in Red: Famous Bet on Red Shoes

What a crystal slipper, nothing. The modern Cinderellas have bet on red shoes to compose their modern and sophisticated looks.  Giovanna Antonelli , Mariana Ximenes and  Adriane Galisteu are among those who put color scarves on their feet. The footwear gives the look a point of light, especially if the other pieces were in neutral tones, such as black, white and gray. Continue reading  

Sports Trends!

T-shirt, ethnic and graphic prints, boots in boot format … Check out five trends that promise to dominate sportswear after the World Cup

Even before the World Cup started a month ago, fashion already pointed to sports trends. The fashionistas joined the sneakers, which, after dominating the streets, climbed the catwalks of Dior and Chanel at the Paris Haute Couture Week in Summer 2014, packing impeccable party dresses. Continue reading  

New Collection of Women’s Dakota Boots

The mid season fashion is coming up with everything and for fall winter the models of footwear comes with much more style and beauty and that is why today I come with beautiful models of Dakota female boots that are beautiful and excellent for you.

This year’s new collection comes with gorgeous models that promise to match different styles with high-quality leather boots. Continue reading  

Tips on How to Use Shoes This Summer

Nothing is more comfortable than wearing shoes low during the summer. However, many women still think this type of shoe will make them look unkempt and less elegant. Although it is true the fact that shoes with heels are a little more elegant on most of the time and can enhance your silhouette and height, the shoes can also be fashionable and trendy too. In all seasons the experts separate looks that fall well with this type of shoe and realize a great advantage: in addition to being comfortable, low shoe combines with almost all the clothes you have in the wardrobe. Continue reading  

Winter Shoes: What People Will Want to Use

After the summer of slides, which are our favourite shoes for autumn/winter?

We are the team who doesn’t think we need to have “reserved” only for certain seasons and everything is adaptable – the new wave of consumption, we need parts which extend the range of temperatures and our style. But there’s no way: some trends or types of clothes/accessories work better in the cold than in the heat, and vice versa. Continue reading  

MTE Cancel Garbage Collection in Itapeva For Lack of Gloves

Organ claims that City Hall also offers no medical follow-up.
Executive says that measure is illegal because it is detrimental to public health in the city.

The Ministry of labor and employment (MTE) prevented garbage collection in Itapeva (SP), on Wednesday (20), claiming that the city does not provide the basic health equipment collectors and medical follow-up. The Valley service ban indefinitely until the municipal government adjust the conditions of officials, says the tax auditor responsible for work stoppage, Paulo Roberto da Silva Warlet. Continue reading  

Mules Shoes – Models

New Mules Footwear Photos and Templates

The new Mules Footwear, which are not really so new, have returned to fashion, it is a very exclusive model of footwear, each with a different model but all in the same style, so know how to check this news, had liked it but there were also those who did not like it, so the good thing is that we can have choices, and that’s what’s missing today as well. Continue reading  

Women’s Sweaters: Summer Trends For 2015

Every season has its hits in pieces of the sets, and the combinations of the elements that make up the visual, clothes to shoes and Accessories, which conveys the trends of the season. From what announced the national and international parades, and also by the collections arriving at Brazilian showcases you can envision a summer of colors, prints and patterns that should appeal to a wide range of tastes. Continue reading