Gift Tips for Men: Shorts

Underwear is a great gift, always. There are people who think very simple or boring, but this piece has to be always young, fragrant and well cared for and it never hurts to have another. When you go to buy underwear for men gift, my husband, for boyfriend, for the son, nephew or grandchild beats that doubt: how to choose the best option? For the price? The color that you like most? By sensuality? We explain everything in your underwear for you learn how to choose the best for your baby’s body presented! Continue reading  

Winter Dresses 2018 – Prices, Buying, Models

Where to Buy, Prices and Models of Winter Dresses in 2018

The American brand Marchesa proposed to bring some of Goya to the catwalks. The collection of autumn winter 2018, presented in the last week of fashion in New York, was inspired in the picture ‘Portrait of Maria Teresa de Vallabriga in the Horse’, of Francisco de Goya, of 1783. Continue reading  

Social Blouses

Today there is a huge variety of models of social blouses that can be used, including transparent, lace, Egyptian cotton silk and many others that guarantee a chic and sophisticated look.

The pieces are perfect for work looks, but also for those special outings, for dinners and more formal events, where the dress needs to be very elegant. Continue reading  

Some Tips of Plus Size Jeans-models

All women want to ride in style, whether your body type. The sets plus size was developed especially for those who are overweight and does not relieve the visual elegance. Among the models developed are the jeans that became unqualified success among the audience that is with a few extra pounds. Check out tips and jeans plus size models. Continue reading  

Prenatal Catalogo Primavera Estate

We continue our journey to discover the latest in the world of baby clothing. This time we deal with Prenatal and his new collection spring summer 2012. During the press day a few weeks ago, we met Emanuela Arditi Group P.R. and Media Manager and we asked some questions to discover the secrets of the new proposals Prénatal:

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3 Ideas of Outfits For Your Next Trip to the Beach

A trip to the beach can mean a full day at the beach, an appointment at the beach, a formal event or a wedding on the beach. An outfit appropriate for a visit to the beach should always be comfortable, fresh and light, but to protect you from the Sun’s rays; If you think that this outfit is complicated, then take a look at our list of ideas of outfits for your next trip to the beach. Continue reading  

What to Wear with Linen White Pants

You know, we’re not fans here diktat of fashion and things imposed. However the white pants remains a special case that deserves to be treated quickly (remember the 3000 usual words, here in brief, it is the rapid exchange on an interesting topic). So has it right you wearing that famous white pants or is it definitely a piece that will stay in the closet until your next vacation in St. Tropez? We told you everything in this article Marcel! 

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Fashionable Underwear for Men

Beautiful laundry feel better one (s). After all, fashion is also below the belt. But now wide or tight boxer shorts, or yet the slip – the answer should be the carrier of his personal being make dependent on. Here decide to own preference.

But no matter what kind of laundry – fashionable should they then be. The women and our own ego will thank you. If man must download already the pants, he should finally cut a good figure here. Continue reading  

How to Match Denim Shirt

Denim shirt for summer 2015, 5 ways to pair it with style! Love the denim but you are looking for some ideas for your summer outfits with denim shirt? We discover together the best combinations with denim shirt: shorts, short skirts and long, bib shorts, skinny pants and total denim look to be cool at all times.

The denim shirt remains a trend for summer 2015, offering ideas for fashionable outfit never dull and always trendy. Finding the right combinations with denim shirt is often not easy, but with a few small suggestions that comes straight from the catwalks, fashion catalogs star look and of the best brands, find the outfit with denim shirt will be easy and fun. Continue reading  

How to Match Your Jacket

Many women, and men often wonder about what to wear jackets. Considering that the jacket is a man’s garment, to answer this question is not so simple. We should try to look at it is really attractive and feminine. However, each of the co-remennite women, this object is located in the closet.

So, what to wear jackets? Fashion trends change constantly and jackets worn with pants and skirts and jeans, and shorts, and so on. When selecting this item of clothing (on principle, like any other), it is important to consider some tricks.

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Five Basic Tips to Work By Bike Every Day

Replacing the car or bus by bike to go to work on a daily basis is a choice that is good for the environment, traffic and the body. In addition to getting away from traffic jams, using the bicycle for locomotion improves health conditions and allows us to enjoy and feel the street in a closer and more intimate way, strengthening our ties with the city. Continue reading