Report: New Google Smartphones Should No Longer Be Nexus Devices

Even years ago this step was prophesied again and again, now the end of the Nexus series is supposed to be imminent. Android Silver, Google Play Edition, there were already some real and partial solutions to replace the Nexus series over a longer period of time, to ultimately bring a smartphone series similar to the Apple iPhone to the start. Google now wants to take the plunge, the new Android smartphones*, which one developed together with HTC, are no longer called Nexus. Continue reading  

Compare Three Android Smartphones With Support

Check out the features and limitations of the models Alcatel, Motorola 890D Fire and ZTE V821, pioneers in Brazil

In recent years, the Brazilians were only in basic cellular market with support for two chips. With the popularity of smartphones, which had 80% higher sales in the first six months of 2011, some manufacturers have launched their first recentamente Dual-SIM Smartphone here. With them, users can use two chips on the same appliance, without giving up to surf the internet and install applications. Continue reading  

Would the Galaxy S7 Battery Be Inferior to the Iphone 6s?

The site Phone Arena held last Tuesday(08/3) a review of the battery of the Galaxy S7 with results that gave a talk: according to the page, the battery of the new top of the line Samsung, even with capacity of 3.000mAh , Would have inferior performance to the battery of the S6 and would lose even for the iPhone 6S.  But what should we consider in this story? Continue reading  

Considerations For Bandwidth and Storage Space

The network bandwidth and storage space required are important factors in the design of a video surveillance system. Factors include the number of cameras, the image resolution used, the type and proportion of compression, frame rates, and scene complexity. This chapter presents some design guidelines for a system as well as information about storage solutions and various system configurations. Continue reading  

17 Mobile Phone Covers You’ll Want for Your Smartphone

Surely you must have surrendered to the creative mobile phones. There are many options, almost can not keep up.

For a long time, have you had your iPhone totally”naked”or have you always opted for a discreet hood that did not draw much attention? Get 18 cell phone covers for your smartphone! Continue reading  

Brazilian Company Creates ATM with NFC

The wearable devices market is growing steadily in the technology sector, the big companies in the market have already begun to play their part in developing new products. Recently Apple has released its smart watch to compete with other manufacturers such as LG , Motorola and Samsung .And with the growth these products become more important to the daily activities. Continue reading  

EagleTech Z Exclusive Bumper Cases

Smartphones Design: Luxury, Simplicity and Elegance

As well as watches, jewelry and designer clothing, today’s smartphones are also designed to be presented to consumers as an accessory. Most designers are investing more and more in an aspect of elegance and provide users with a status mark through their smartphone. Continue reading  

Alcatel Onetouch Idol Soft Gold Design Smartphone in the Test

Many years ago, of manufacturers Alcatel was one of the top manufacturers of mobile phones. In the field of smartphones, Alcatel is trying to gain a foothold but has the same and presents a nice Smartphone, which acts very noble at first sight with the OneTouch idol soft gold. Whether best be achieved also in the field of performance and camera technology, you will find in our test to the Alcatel OneTouch idol soft gold. Continue reading  

Nokia Unveils the Android N1 Tablet with Android

To recap:  Nokia  had the mobile division bought by  Microsoft , which took the line of tablets and smartphones and renamed Microsoft Lumia , leaving what is left of the Finnish company in a kind of limbo industry. But it did not take long for her to rise from the ashes and make a triumphant return. Continue reading  

Apple iPhone 6s with Smaller Battery

The battery life is still a known shortcoming in smartphones. At least when the user thinks back to the times when a Nokia 3210 was fashion and held the battery for days. Who is not wondering that in the Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smaller batteries are installed? And that, although the common user of the upcoming Apple smartphone generation hopes for more performance. Continue reading  

The Worst Cases for Your Iphone

Having an iPhone has gone from simply representing a smartphone to making connections, connecting to the internet or spending a good amount of time playing with the endless applications in the AppStore. These are things that basic users do as the handset evolved to a status issue in which the way it is presented is as important as what it can do. Continue reading  

Sony Xperia Z5 Family at the IFA Presented

In addition to the Sony Xperia Z5, Sony has also introduced the Xperia Z5 Compact and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium at the IFA 2015 in Berlin. With the Z5 Premium, Sony is launching the first smartphone with a 4K screen on the market. The pixel density is 807 ppi. Let’s take a look at theSony Xperia Z5. Continue reading  

Have a Kayo by Hand with Enough Battery Power

Mobile device batteries remain the weak point of these devices.How many of us have been without battery in the smartphone, in moments when they even needed to access the equipment? .. How many of us have noticed, in the morning, that they have low battery in the smartphone and go to a place where there is no possibility to charge the same? Continue reading  

New Smartphones in November

Everything else than gray present themselves the new smartphones of Nokia , HUAWEI ,Sony and HTC in November. With Windows Phone and bright colors, Nokia finally wants to make profits again, HUAWEI expands its Ascend series, Sony launches with LTE and HTC is unfaithful to Android.
The market share of Finnish smartphones has fallen from 31 to 17 per cent within one year.The two Lumia models with the operating system Windows Phone 8 are to finally give Nokia success experiences. Continue reading  

Iphone 5c:Why the Smartphone Could Be a Flop

After Apple alongside the iPhone 5 s in September was also the cheaper iPhone 5 c there are mostly negative feedback from the consumer to the Smartphone, which beats in the entry-level version with 599 euros. Some points have been criticized, that could cause that Apple for many years for the first time with a product on the market fails and reconsiders eventual successor generations or completely is also in the worst case. Notes can be seen primarily in Apple’s Asian suppliers. So, the production volume of the iPhone 5 c initially was throttled down, where production has been stopped now entirely, as the Taiwanese IT industry magazine of DigiTimes reported. Continue reading